The FISA Memo, a revealing look at how the FBI has targeted the President

Finally, the Republican House FISA memo has been released. Here are key points to it.


  1. The FISA Warrant would never have been requested without the Dossier per McCabe in a House Hearing.
  2. Bruce Ohr was the main go-between with the FBI and Fusion GPS. He knew it was fake and pushed it to the FBI.
  3. FISA Court should have been told about the Dossier, but was not.
  4. Active Campaign by Fusion GPS, the Clinton Campaign, and some in the FBI to derail the Trump Campaign and the Trump Presidency.
  5. Andrew McCabe involved up to his ears in the fraud in obtaining the warrant.
  6. FBI also relied upon media reporting on the Trump campaign, knowing full well that the media reporting was also based upon the Dossier.
  7.  Application had to be certified by Director or Deputy Director of FBI.
  8. Application had to be approved by either Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General or Assistant Attorney General for National Security Division.
  9. Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein each signed one application.
  10. Comey signed 3 FISA warrant applications and McCabe signed one.
  11. The Dossier was done at the instigation of the DNC and Clinton Campaign.
  12. None of the Applications disclosed the Dossier or the participation of the Clinton Campaign or DNC.
  13. The application quotes from a Michael Isikoff article on Yahoo News referencing the Carter Page trip to the USSR. This info came from the Dossier and FBI failed to disclose this.
  14. Steele was terminated from his relationship with FBI after leaking to Mother Jones and other media sources, prior to some warrants being issued.
  15. Steele was in regular contact with Ohr, who relayed info to both Yates and Rosenstein. He advised them that Steele was anti-Trump and this was never disclose to FISA court either.
  16. The Ohr’s relationship with Fusion GPS and Steele was never revealed.
  17. Bill Priestrap revealed that the Dossier was only in its “infancy” of being verified at time of initial FISA Court submission. It was later found to be “minimally corroborated”. 
  18. Comey, in January 2017, briefed President Trump on the “uncorroborated” and “salacious and unverified” Dossier.
  19. The FISA warrant referenced Papadopoulous, but there was no evidence of any cooperation or conspiracy between Page and Papadopoulous. The Papadopoulous information triggered the Strzok investigation in Jul 2016.
  20. The Page/Strzok reveal extensive discussion of the investigation, leaks to the media, and the “insurance policy” discussion with McCabe.

My thoughts:

Here are my impressions after a first reading of the memo.

  • The FISA Warrants were all falsely obtained based upon applications that were fraudulent from omissions of information.
  • Any information obtained from the FISA warrants are “fruit of the poisoned tree” and must be tossed out.
  • General Flynn was “railroaded” into a conviction that should be tossed out.
  • All people signing FISA applications and certifying them should be immediately fired and then subjected to criminal prosecution.
  • The Mueller Investigation must be immediately terminated and Mueller referred for consideration of criminal charges.
  • The FISA Court should be disbanded.

Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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