“The Devil’s Trill”: Baghdad Blues #10

In this piece, I aim to show a few details that will point to a profound shift in my belief system. Lend me your ear, and please – bear with me…the point will be made.

I was born and raised a Catholic – Baptized, First Communion, Catechism, Confirmation, Altar Boy and all of the rest. I held firm to that Catholic faith up and until the current Idiot as Pope allowed Mozlem prayers to be heard in the Vatican, some few years ago.

At that point, I renounced my faith and became what is called an Atheist.

Now, I do not wish to get into the fine details of what it means to be an Atheist, except to posit that as an Atheist, one does not believe in a God and, by extension, one does not hold that there is a Devil – or Hell – either.

I have now come to a curious position, in that I still do not believe in an Omnipotent Godhead, but let me tell you – I most certainly now believe that there is such a thing as the Devil, and if not Lucifer, himself, that there is some very profound source of Evil in this world, and much of it springs directly from Islam.

Hence, the curious title of this piece and the accompanying frontispiece, used quite commonly in conjunction with a very important bit of violin writing by a composer named Tartini – the G minor Sonata, otherwise known as “The Devil’s Trill.”

In Baroque and Classical composition, the trill is a sort of embellishment – a stylized figuration that explores notes more or less above and below the “intended” note, which then almost always leads to a cadence – a musical stopping point, which then goes to something new, or a return to something old, or the end of the piece.

This is all very simplified for those not versed in composition, but suffice to say that the trill is a sort of detail – it is not terribly integral to the substance of a piece, except, perhaps, in the case of Tartini’s work, which elevates the Devilish Trill to a sort of motif, or theme.

Here, I come to my point.

Islam and its evil and the Devil behind it can only be “appreciated” by examining the details that appear daily, when one lives amongst the Devil and His Minions in such places as Shiite Baghdad, as does the author of this article. And so, I give you this bit of extreme cognitive dissonance, as evidenced by an ex-Mozlem “Anti-Theist,” and an oily, slippery Hijabi who is the Devil’s Minion.

Feminist tries to justify wife beating in Muslim culture [The Drum, ABC Australia]

Feminist host of a panel discussion tries to justify wife beating in Muslim culture. Skip to 14:35 for the discussion referenced in the title. The entire discussion is included for context, and because it’s all very interesting. Sadia Hameed (ex-Muslim) raises several excellent points about the negative aspects of Islam, none of which are properly refuted.

It is twenty-some-odd minutes of torture, but it illustrates my point – that the Hijabi just glosses over the “details,” with regard to death for apostacy and/or blasphemy and familial rejection of females (among many other items) who happen to reject Islam, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum.

The Devil is in the details.

I have a boss – he is the head of my educational institution here in Baghdad. His name is MH. He is largely absent. He rarely comes to Baghdad.

He is a white homosexual who is a “convert to the local religion,” to place his words exactly. He is a white man who converted to Islam and is a homosexual who has a house in… Amsterdam!

The Devil plays his extraordinary trill.

He bashes America and Americans on a regular basis (at least, when he deigns to bring his sorry, faggot ass to Baghdad) and thinks that Trump is the incarnation of Hitler and that “America needs to just turn in all of their guns!”

The Devil is in the details.

And so, finally, it comes to be said that evil lurks all around. Here, in Baghdad, it is not possible to not sense it! It is everywhere.

The Devil is in my coffee in the morning.

He is in the car in which I travel to work each day.

He is in the eyes of that “Local Convert.” He is at my doorstep when I arrive home in the afternoon. He is in that hideous shrieking over the loudspeakers every, fucking day – when everywhere else except the mosque suffers from no electricity and no internet.

The Devil’s Trill.

In Baghdad, and in Islam, it is no mere embellishment.


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