The Chronicles of Trump Chapter 10

Book of Trump

1.And there were whispers of rogue memos that runneth amok in the dark chambers  on the Hill, and there were mists of darkness trying to envelope it.

2.For Trump sitteth on the Memo of Nunes, and great was the cry of fear from the democrat. Yea. They feared the light would show their nakedness to all, and trieth to rebuke the sunlight.

3.Yea, The Little Sisters of the Perpetually Afflicted crieth out in one voice to discredit the work of a truth-seeker, for it troubleth the nation that its government attempted a coup of Trump. And it resteth in Trumps hands for a short season.

4.But behold ! Trump speaketh to the Nation from the Pit of Vipers, and the Democrat inviteth the illegal to taunt Trump.  Yea, they weareth their black cloth to protest, and colors from shithole nations doth they drape around their neck and dangle from their wrists.

5.For the Congressional Bitch Caucus bringeth their sad faces, and yelleth that this building was their house.  And others refuseth to attend, choosing to cry like the pussy they are.

6.And Trumps tone was still, yet it pierceth the heart. He yelleth not, but spoke plainly, as a plain man, with a sober message. Yea, he speaketh about lifting the soul up, and giveth examples of the people who braved danger to accomplish their tasks

7.He speaketh of the good of America, and what she produces and stands for.  He dareth to mention the name of God in public, and the hissing issued forth from the Democrat.  He offereth the olive branch, and the Democrat sprayeth it with weed killer.

8.Trump praiseth a black man for his business, and the Black Caucus refuses to acknowledge it.  Their souls are cankered with hate, so much so that they shall be known as “Hatriots” who love Hatriotism.  For it is who they truly are.

9.And then Trump releaseth the Kracken, and great was the interest in it, and great was the wailing from the Democrat, and it echoeth throughout the land. For it confirmeth what we thought, and exposeth the lies of the Schiffheads, who continueth their fantasy of lies and distortions, and hate.

10.And Schiff voweth a memo, and we laughed.

11.And it came to pass that there was another crisis in the land, for the want of a budget. Congress still refuseth to stand on its hind legs and giveth America a budget, and the theater continues right to the end.

12.And Trump got his military funded, but yea, the price was heavy indeed. For now, the military is free from the sausage of the process, and many a fight remaineth to be seen.

13.And some were not pleased with Trump, and I asketh in the Spirit to Trump, why is this so?

14.And I was carried away to a high mountain, and receiveth word that Trump asketh his people to stay involved, to voice their opinions as Americans are wont to do.

15.And here are camps of the Kool-Aid Drinkers, who moveth for Trump no matter what. And there are the  Doomsayers who see negativity in all things. And then there are those who reside in the middle, trying to bring peace and comfort to both sides, to be patient in all things.

16.And this continueth throughout the Land of Sparta with no foreseeable end, for such feelings are strong.

17.And I then waketh the hell up, and saw that more crooks hath departed the swamp on their own and one landeth a dream job at the Wal-Mart, and the people rejoiceth over it, but hopeth for indictments to come.

18.Yea, we hear of rumors of memos to come, and of a report from an IG, that could breaketh the back of the Democrat, and maketh the Cuck run to a safe space, to eat Pods of Tide to quell their tears.

19.And surely there remaineth disagreements and always will in the Land. But Behold, we know this:  Hillary will never be President. Amen.



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