The Bottom Line On the Parkland School Shooting

I have been deeply frustrated watching both the coverage of the school shooting in Parkland Florida and also the reactions to it.

Imagine this scenario: A madman with an ax goes on a murderous rampage in the shopping mall. Eight people are killed and scores more are maimed. The man’s friends and relatives knew he was dangerous, and called the police, who did nothing. The mall security guard also did nothing except watch and made no move to stop the killer.

The manufacturer of the ax is sued, and political groups demand all axes be banned. No one in the police department is disciplined or fired, and no public criticism of the police department is aired. The mall security guard resigns but nothing else happens to him. No legal action takes place against those who failed to do their duties, and none of the relatives of any of the victims have anything to say about the actions of law enforcement.

That’s about where we are right now in the gun control debate in the wake of the horrific Parkland massacre, the latest in a long line of school shootings.

The truth of the matter is people whose duties it was to prevent the shooting did nothing. The FBI did nothing, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office did nothing, and the school administration did nothing too. All of these people knew the shooter, Cruz, was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, and they are facing only very limited public criticism. I find it doubtful that there will be any official or legal consequences for these people.

Most recently, we’ve learned that even the school resource officer refused to take action:

A Florida sheriff’s officer who did “nothing” during the Parkland school shooting last week has resigned in disgrace, officials said Thursday.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School resource officer Scot Petersen was armed, in uniform and “clearly” knew there was an active shooter but did “nothing” to intervene, according to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Security footage shows Petersen “arrive at the west side of building 12, take up a position and he never went in,” according to Israel, who said the revelations made him “sick to [his] stomach.”

Israel said Petersen should have “Went in, address the killer, kill the killer.”

“After seeing video, witness statements and Scot Petersen’s very own statement, I decided this morning to suspend Scot Petersen without pay, pending an internal investigation,” Israel said. “As is his right, Scot Petersen chose to resign.

Even worse, some of the parents and students rushed to the microphones, eager to blame Trump, the NRA, and Republicans. Instead of mourning their lost children and classmates, most of these cold-blooded lizards couldn’t wait to get their fifteen minutes of fame, putting politics before the safety of their classmates.

What’s even more frustrating to me, however, is the total failure of anyone on the conservative side of the debate to make effective arguments explaining this to the general public.

I have mostly heard two arguments from conservatives. The party leadership, sometimes referred to as the “GOPe,” has been agreeing with the left that a nationwide gun ban is good but that maybe we should just ban a few guns instead of all of them. Other conservatives are arguing things like “Well, this is just the price of living in a free society, it’s my constitutional right you know.”

I have heard precious little public criticism of the FBI, the school administration, and the police, all of whom essentially sat back and allowed this massacre happen. Conservatives are shying away from talking much about this for reasons I don’t understand.

Yes, there have been some articles in conservative media mentioning the FBI role, but I have not heard any significant conservatives speaking in public about the role of the FBI except for Rick Scott. Very little is being done to get the message out about the actual causes of the massacre. Talking to ourselves in the pages of publications like the Daily Caller helps nothing.

It’s unlikely gun control is going to be passed, because the NRA is extremely powerful and because the Republican led Congress is very unlikely to seriously support any concrete gun control actions.

Nonetheless, our bizarre refusal to call out the total failure of the authorities and instead feebly complain that “it’s my constitutional right” is implicitly accepting the left’s position that the gun is somehow magically at fault rather than the authorities who failed to do their duties and sat back, allowing a massacre to happen.

There is nothing that is less likely to make the public sympathetic to gun rights than saying something like “It’s just my constitutional right, sorry about the massacre, but things like this happen!”

The Democrats are betting the average person is going to think “Are gun rights really very important if they cause constant massacres of children?” Unfortunately, our side has a bad tendency to play right into their hands on this topic.

We are not going to see an end to these massacres until the Democrats who control most of the school system become serious about both making our schools “hard targets” and holding government entities like the FBI to account when they fail to do their duties. It doesn’t help when the Democrats view school massacres as opportunities to “get the Republicans” rather than actually help protect children.

I think a slightly altered version of Golda Meir’s famous quote applies here: We will only have peace with the Democrats when they love their children more than they hate Trump and Republicans.

But that can’t happen if our best spokesmen are too intimidated to get out there and point the finger at the Democrat led groups and agencies who allow these massacres to continue. We must name and shame them.


Written by Doomberg

I am Doomberg, one of the original founding members of Sparta Report, and have been here since the beginning. I am an insatiable news junkie and enjoy reading and writing about the US territories, the Caribbean, video games, smartphones, and of course conservative politics in general.

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