Super Bowl LII Open Thread – EAGLES WIN

In spite of the furor over the NFL protests, I know a fair number of you still watch football and like to talk about it, so here’s an open thread to discuss!

As an additional note, this is an open thread, but please try to stay mostly on topic about the game until it is over. After that, feel free to treat this like a normal open thread.


True Conservatives who still want to watch football tonight while remaining ideologically pure may be wondering who to root for. SportsPundit has conveniently put together a chart detailing all of the incidents of National Anthem protests by every pro football team in America.

At first glance it looks like the Philadelphia Eagles might just be America’s team. They had zero instances of players kneeling compared to 17 for the Patriots. The Eagles far outpace the Patriots when it comes to standing protests, however. The Patriots only have 6 standing protests. The Eagles, though, had a whopping seventy-three standing protests.

Based on sheer numbers alone, True Conservatives need to cheer the Brady Bunch as loud as humanly possible.



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