Should Christopher Steele be Executed?

Scott Adams certainly thinks Christopher Steele should be executed

Scott Adams went all “red meat for Trump supporters” today by asking shouldn’t Christopher Steele be executed for the Trump dossier?


In good Trumpian style, Scott has created a great visual of however you’d like to see “retired” MI-6 agent Christopher Steele be ‘dispatched with’ due to all of the harm he’s personally done to the country.

As expected, there’s the immediate ‘fact checking’ that says things like “he’s British so we can’t just do that” and “well, there’d need to be due process” and so forth.

But at the end of the day, one has to wonder why this man is walking around free as a bird?


Another good point Scott made (just to stir the pot further — as if it needed more stirring) is that Britain doesn’t seem all that wild about having a President Trump. Should’t we also be looking at a plot by Britain to overthrow the government of the United States? ERMAHGERD!TM They couldn’t still be peeved about that whole Tea Party ruckus?

Why is it that MI-6 isn’t the least little bit distressed that one of their “retired” agents used sources obtained while in their employ to attempt to influence an American election?

Why is the United States government negotiating with Steele for his testimony? Why hasn’t the United States demanded his extradition? And why hasn’t Britain arrested him for treason in his own country? I’m pretty sure that revealing sources and mthods by a “retired” MI-6 agent should at least earn him some time in the Tower of London.

So I’m thinking that bringing Christopher Steele in shackles to the United States, with the understanding that if he doesn’t come clean about everything right now as the only manner to possibly delay his death, might just speed up the process a bit.

All I can say, folks, is hold on to your butts! This carnival ride hasn’t even begun to get interesting.

I wonder whether President Trump has secured the movie rights for all of this?

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