Poll: GOP gains on Democrats on generic House ballot

Monmouth Poll:

Donald Trump’s job approval rating has bounced back from the record low registered in last month’s Monmouth University Poll , as more Americans now see the president as having achieved some legislative success. The poll finds that support for the recently passed tax reform plan has increased and Republicans have made gains in the generic House ballot test.

Pres. Trump’s job rating now stands at 42% approve and 50% disapprove. While his net rating continues to dwell in negative territory, this is an improvement from his December low of 32% approve and 56% disapprove.  The current results mark a return to the ratings he received in the late summer and early fall of 2017. Positive signs for Trump include an uptick in public opinion that he has been successful in moving his agenda through Congress and increasing support for the recently enacted tax reform plan.

A majority (55%) of Americans say that Trump has been at least somewhat successful at getting Congress to pass his legislative agenda, while 41% say he has not been successful. This marks a reversal from December – before the tax reform bill was approved – when only 42% said Trump had been successful with Congress and 53% said he had not been successful.

Opinion is currently divided on the landmark tax reform plan – 44% approve and 44% disapprove. But this marks a significant increase in public support from December, when just 26% approved of the bill and 47% disapproved. Perhaps more importantly, fewer Americans (36%) believe that their own federal taxes will go up under the plan than felt the same when the bill was in its final legislative stages last month (50%). Still, the number who believe that their taxes will go up (36%) outnumber those who believe that their taxes will go down (24%) or stay the same (32%) under the new system.

Overall, 37% say that Trump’s first year agenda has focused a lot on issues important to average Americans, 34% say it has focused a little on these issues, and 26% say it has not focused at all on the concerns of average Americans.  These numbers are slightly better than at the new president’s six-month mark in July 2017, when 32% said he was focused a lot on average American’s main concerns, 31% said he was focused a little and 35% said he was not focused at all on these issues.


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