The Obama Portraits Are Caught In The Great Meme War

Great job, Barry. Great job.

obama portraits great meme war

Monday saw the great unveiling of the official portraits of former president Barack Hussein Obama and former First Lady Moochelle…err…Michelle Obama. The portraits are, by any objective measure, completely and utterly terrible. Painted by no-talent, racist hacks, these abominations against art, nature, and God himself are destined to hang in a prestigious art gallery forever.

Naturally, the brave warriors of the Great Meme War had a field day with the portraits. Here is a collection of some of the dankest (and mildly NSFW) Obama portrait memes from around the net:

Fun fact, the artist who painted Barack Obama’s portrait, Kehinde Wiley, apparently has a history of including sperm on his portraits. Apparently, the artist uses it as a way to mock the charged masculinity that’s inherent in portraiture. Did Wiley paint a sperm on Obama’s face? The Internet seems to think so.

Not only do we have to completely horrible paintings of the former First Family, but we now have a painting that includes a sperm cell on a former president’s face.

Great job, Barry. Great job.


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