Nevertrumpers Attack the Memo and Defend the Deep State

They cannot rein in their emotional, ragey outbursts, so they use these outbursts to virtue signal to each other

nevertrumpers memo

This is the issue with social justice warriors. They cannot rein in their emotional, ragey outbursts, so they use these outbursts to virtue signal to each other. #NeverTrump and the SJW movement are having the same problems because #NeverTrump are essentially social justice warriors.

They are emotionally immature children, addicted to being retweeted, with enormously exalted opinions of their own very limited intellects. That pretty much describes the Rick Wilsons of the world to a “T.”

Traditionally, socialism has worked by infiltration and subversion, but these idiots are ruining it because they are acting openly. Take for instance, Andy McCabe telling the entire 7th floor of the FBI “F**k Flynn and f**k Trump” during a staff meeting discussing Flynn’s request for help to coordinate with the national sheriffs.

Jack Posobiec ?? on Twitter

Flynn called over to the FBI to ask help to coordinate with the national sheriffs. The request was brought up at a staff meeting, to which McCabe responded “F**k Flynn and f**k Trump” He did this in front of entire 7th floor

Jennifer Rubin, who attacked a conservative supporter of President Trump and constantly interrupted her while she spoke only to demand that she be silent when she is speaking, attacked the memo as a “nothingburger”

Jennifer Rubin on Twitter

everything you need to know about Nunes nothingburger, and why it hurts Trump. Is this guy not very bright??

Deep State Spy, Evan McMullin, talks down the memo with the others:

Evan McMullin on Twitter

It’s no surprise that the Nunes memo fails to acknowledge other evidence – in addition to the dossier – contained in the FISA applications for surveillance of Carter Page, the least of which would’ve been evidence of his collaboration with Russian intel even before the campaign.

Evan McMullin on Twitter

If the FISA applications failed to mention who funded Chris Steele’s research, perhaps they should have. Regardless, it would’ve been careless of law enforcement to have excluded such alarming national security information from such a trusted source and ally of the United States.

Prominent nevertrumper Stephen Hayes:

Stephen Hayes on Twitter

Quick initial thought: There’s disturbing evidence of law enforcement bias & sloppiness. But hard to see how this derails Mueller investigation, particularly as it confirms that FBI investigation began w/Papadapolous before FISA application targeting Page. #MemoDay

Former Presidential candidate of the nevertrumpers, for about a minute, David French:

David French on Twitter

In reflecting more on this, I think Nunes may have just blown up the core Trump defense to the “Russia investigation” – that it was all fruit of the poisonous Steel tree. Not true. It was already underway.

And of course, Joe Scarborough and perennial favorite David Frum:

Joe Scarborough on Twitter

Donald Trump’s #WarOnJustice is weaponizes misleading memos, hyper-partisanship and naked lies to protect a president who is guilty as hell. #ObstructionOfJustice

David Frum on Twitter

Pro-Trump talkers finally read the fabled Nunes memo they hoped would save the day


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