Michelle and Barack Obama Mocked on Twitter for Their Horrible Portraits

The Worst Portraits of a President and His Wife, Ever

On Monday, former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle unveiled their self portraits that would be hung at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

Every President and first lady has had their portraits added to that gallery since it was established in 1962 with the directive to acquire portraits of “men and women who have made significant contributions to the history, development, and culture of the people of the United States.”

The artists who painted these two paintings is known for their social justice warrior leanings, were heavily criticized for her portraits of the first black president and his wife.

Dan Zak on Twitter

The official portraits. Barack Obama by Kehinde Wiley. Michelle Obama by Amy Sherald.

Barack Obama’s portrait is being excoriated for its extremely busy background of leaves, that appear to have been copied and pasted across the portrait several times. It has also been discovered that his chosen artist has a history of painting black supremacist paintings and has also created paintings showing violent depictions of black murderers beheading white individuals.

Michelle Obama’s artist is known for her nondescript and bland portraits, highlighting other aspects of the person’s character within the portrait. For Michelle Obama’s, it was her dress.

The dress was designed by one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers, who is a left wing abortion and gay activist named Michelle Smith. She lamented President Trump’s election in November 2017 to Teen Vogue“What I had felt to be an extraordinary triumph for equality—the election of an African-American president—was my children’s normal. Gay marriage and LGBTQ equality was their normal. Their generation, I had often thought, is where the real shift in equality and human rights will take place. I had easily assumed their next ultimate role model would be a female president. I was wrong. . . . All the rights I had sadly taken for granted . . . now felt threatened. I had to do something.”

Her fall designs featured a t-shirt commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood and all profits for that item were donated to the abortion organization. She also named her Fall 2017 collection, “Fractured,” to “reflect her pain in the wake of Trump’s election.”

The Obama’s portraits were heavily mocked on Twitter after their unveiling:


Some the Obama Portrait Memes are pretty funny.




The left also proves how racist they are with just this one tweet:

Alison Rhodes is not a bot. 🌊 on Twitter

@brandonlancast2 @kylegriffin1 What a field day the Russian and Trumpist race-baiting memes and remarks are going to have with this stunningly different Presidential portrait. “Kenyan” “monkey” “jungle”. My heart is breaking today, because I know that I am right.


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