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LIVE BLOG: Liberals Use Parkland Shooting to Attack Trump And Republicans

There are families out there waiting to hear if their children are alive or dead.

parkland school shooting

The city of Parkland, FL has just been rocked by a massive school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. As of this writing one person is reported dead, and at least 50 have been injured. We can expect the number of dead to climb as the extent of the horror becomes known.

Police have just arrested a suspect, a young man named Nicholas Cruz. We do not know a motive, or even if this man is the actual shooter.

Vile and disgusting liberals are already using the Parkland shooting to try and score points against President Trump and Republicans. There are families out there waiting to hear if their children are alive or dead. Police officers are at this moment clearing Stoneman Douglas High of any potential additional threats. Students are likely lying bleeding on the ground praying that rescue will come soon.

And liberals are using those children to shill for their sick, degenerate gun control agenda.

I will be live blogging and presenting these horrible excuses for human beings in real time:


Children are dead, and the first place your mind goes to is the porn star Trump allegedly had an affair with. Sick.

President Trump responds:

Yeah, he seems real distracted by a porn star.

What’s the point of a school shooting if you can’t use it to score points against the NRA?

Amen, sister.

That’s not going to stop degenerates like this fine, upstanding, liberal “gentleman” from screeching autistically about gun control while children flee for their lives and bleed out in their classrooms, though.

You know what? I’m outraged as well. I’m outraged that gun free zones continue to allow things like this to happen. I’m outraged that liberals can’t be actual human beings and let the bodies cool before using one of these tragedies to score points for their political agenda. Most of all, however, I’m outraged that liberal elites are able to send their kids to schools that are protected by good guys with guns. Why don’t we have armed guards watching our nation’s most precious resources?

Let’s have that national conversation, shall we?

Thank you for proving my point.

What’s it like being so self-righteous that you’re able to stand on the dead and mutilated bodies of children without a second thought? How can someone be that morally bankrupt?

Probably going to catch hell from the Left for this one. I don’t really care, though. It’s past time conservatives met liberals head on and called them out for their nonsense.

#GunControlNow is trending on Twitter. The three constants in the universe are death, taxes, and liberals using tragedy to shill for whatever political cause pops into their sick little minds.

Protip: endlessly spamming the same hashtag is not an argument.

And the award for least self-aware tweet goes to:

Liberalism is what’s wrong with us. We have too many people who are possessed by an ideology that demands everyone disarm, yet crows in triumph whenever a maniac shoots up a school.

I’m going to be ending the live blog now. These liberal cretins have gotten me too worked up.

They are right, however. America does need to have a national conversation on guns. We need to be asking our leaders why they are allowed to protect their kids with armed guards while the rest of us are left to the tender mercies of whatever maniac happens to get the idea to go shoot up a public school.

I suspect it’s a conversation liberals won’t be willing to have. That’s okay. We’ll force it on them. After all, turnabout is fair play.


Written by Radius

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