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Leftist Twitter Unleashes Fire And Fury Upon SpaceX Founder Elon Musk

Stay classy, Leftists.

Tuesday afternoon saw the successful launch of SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy rocket. The Falcon Heavy rocket is the largest, most powerful rocket built in America since the venerable Saturn V. The momentous occasion was truly a remarkable achievement and a great milestone for a space program that had been almost nonexistent through much of the Obama administration.

Naturally, President Trump felt it was appropriate to recognize the hard work that went into the building and launching such a marvelous piece of machinery. President Trump tweeted out his congratulations to the men and women of SpaceX, and the company’s founder, Elon Musk.

Musk decided to respond in kind and thank President Trump for his kind words. Presumably because Musk’s parents raised him to be a decent, respectful human being.

Normal people either echoed President Trump’s words of encouragement…

…or commented on Musk’s classy response.

Of course, the Left did not enjoy the fact that Musk responded to Trump’s tweet like a normal human being. However, they managed to react with grace and understanding.

elon musk leftists
Pictured: Leftist grace and understanding…

Tragically, Mr. Musk made the mistake of being cordial to the orange demon that is Literally Hitler. Never mind the fact that the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket was a showcase of ingenuity, technology, and human accomplishment. Forget that the launch was an important step in reasserting American dominance in space. Elon Musk spoke to Donald Trump in a cordial manner. Such a crime against humanity cannot be tolerated.

Stay classy, Leftists.

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