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Jim Kirk Goes Country: The Man with the Golden Throat Returns

Stoners of a Certain Age will fondly recollect the classic vinyl LP Golden Throats,  a compilation of the worst impulses of Gigantic Egos from the heyday of Hollywood hubris.

Issued by Rhino Records in a four part series The Golden Throats collection was High Camp and virtually unlistenable dreck.

The first Golden Throats disc contained the following Wretched Renditions from Our Favorite Trekkers:

  1. “Proud Mary” – Leonard Nimoy
  2. “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” – William Shatner
  3. “Mr. Tambourine Man” – William Shatner
  4. “If I Had a Hammer” – Leonard Nimoy

The whole putrid enchilada can be accessed here.

Which brings us to The Latest News: Captain Kirk’s gone country:

William Shatner signed with Heartland Records Nashville and “is currently working on a very special project that will be released later this year,” according to a press release.

Few details are known about the 86-year-old “Star Trek” actor’s new venture, but Heartland Records promised more details “will be released soon.”

A word of caution: those who have had the misfortune of listening to Shatner’s warbles have already hijacked the Enterprise’s shuttle craft and driven in the nearest black hole at Warp 9.

You’ve been warned.

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