Jeff Sessions Finally Wakes Up? January 5th Tip FBI Tip That May Have Stopped Florida Shooter Says ‘No’

Obama Executive Branch Activism was a ‘Dangerous Trend’

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, Attorney General Jeff Sessions attacks the Obama executive branch regulatory activism that led to a “dangerous trend” in governing, where the President carries out their political agenda outside of the legislative channels.

Instead of acting to change Congress and the minds of the general population, the Obama administration set out to establish that they just need their own authority alone to dictate policy.

Jeff Sessions used DACA as a prime example of executive activism gone horribly wrong.

“So you have an agenda, and you can’t get Congress to pass it, so you use unelected regulatory officials and lawyers to draft regulations and enforcement policies that carry out a political agenda that the people don’t favor.”

“And I think that was a factor in this past [presidential] election, and it was an issue that was known to a lot of business and legal experts. They saw this as a dangerous trend.”

Sessions singled out President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — which expires March 5 — as a primary example of “executive branch legal activism.” And he excoriated the courts for preventing President Donald Trump for withdrawing Obama’s policy.

“[President Obama] said repeatedly that it was not legal, he couldn’t do it. Congress had took up an issue and it failed to pass. So they just did it anyway.

And yet… Jeff Sessions is unable to provide for a solution when one branch of the supposedly “co-equal” branches of government, in this case the tyrants in the judiciary.

The judiciary has now interpreted their authority to be so absolute that a single district court judge, out of the approximately 600 members of the judiciary, is apparently able to put a stop to the entire executive branch through the issuance of a simple injunction.

They even can purportedly tell the executive branch to enforce an illegal executive order. Of course, when they like the executive branch’s actions, any overreach is met with muted response.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ solution is to do what Republicans have always done… whine.

“But now when we tried … to withdraw the DACA policy … we’ve been sued and judges have stopped simple withdrawal of the policy.”

He noted that the “biggest surprise” of his tenure as Attorney General “has been the plethora of [cases] in which a single sitting federal judge — one federal judge out of 600 some-odd — for insubstantial reasons, issues an injunction that bars the executive branch of the government from protecting people, and from being able to fulfill the function for which the chief executive was elected to fulfill.”

The executive branch, Sessions said, could not act as a “coequal” branch of government if it had to “gain approval of every one of 600 federal judges to carry out the policies [the President] was elected to do.”

There were 20 injunctions against the executive branch nationwide, Sessions said, and he expected the administration to prevail in all of them, though he faulted the media for creating the opposite expectation.

“The mainstream media creates this impression that the administration is being stopped by wonderful judges in robes of neutrality,” he said, “when in fact these are [judicial] actions that go beyond the law in many instances and will not be sustained, will be overturned.”

This interview comes on the heels of an explosive revelation of yet even more FBI/DOJ incompetence and corruption.

A tip-off was delivered to the FBI on January 5, 2018 that would have led to the arrest of the Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz, before he was able to kill nearly two dozen kids.

The information was not sent to the FBI Miami field office, which the FBI blamed on a failure to act under “established protocols.”

“We are still investigating the facts, I am committed to getting to the bottom of what happened in this particular matter,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement to the public.

Jeff Sessions can’t even get the FBI to follow established protocols, let alone stop a runaway witch hunt by his immediate subordinate Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, nor is he providing solutions to stop the judiciary from running the country from the courtroom.

Exit Question: What is it going to take for President Trump to realize that he’s dealing with a malicious or dangerously incompetent individual that should be fired?


Written by NWC

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