House Intel Committee Democrat: FISA Judge Knew About Political Origins of the FBI Dossier and Granted a Warrant Anyway

A Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Admits This in an Open Session

House Democrats on the intelligence committee voted Monday night to release their own memorandum on their investigation into the FBI and the Department of Justice alleged FISA and surveillance abuses.

When it came time for Jim Himes of Connecticut to speak, the Democrat stated that he felt “compelled to speak” in order to shed light on an “element” that he felt had been neglected and to respond to his Republican colleague, Mike Turner of Ohio.

Himes states in the transcript that in their soon to be released memo, the FISA court judge was “alerted” to the “motivations” of Christopher Steele. Steele’s dossier was used by the FBI for their application for a FISA warrant, along with the actions of (their likely mole) Carter Page in the Trump campaign and other evidence.

Himes further states that law enforcement was correct to use subcontracted Democrat political propaganda because a “fully unbiased source or informant is extraordinarily rare, if not non-existent.”

The Democrat stressed that the burden of proof is on those accused to prove the memo incorrect, claiming that “no one has alleged or proven that specific things in the dossier are completely wrong.”

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee memo that Republicans released stated that the FISA court judge was not alerted to the political motives behind the dossier. Himes disagreed, “To others, who are concerned about whether the FBI, in fact, alerted the judges in the affidavit to the possible motivation of this particular source,” Himes said. “I can’t talk about it in open session, but I can direct you to the bottom of page five in our memorandum in a way that should both satisfy you that the judge was alerted.

House Transcript 2-5-18 Himes Memo FISA Judge

Republican Mike Turner attempted to clarify with Democrat Himes what exactly the Democrat backed memorandum stated was told to the FISA judge, “But you’d acknowledge, right, that there is nothing in the Democrat memo, and there is no evidence that you are aware of that the court, in any way, knew or was informed that the information that […] Steele-provided to the FBI was, in fact, paid for by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, that there […] is no statement that contradicts that the court — or would indicate that the court knew that, correct?” he asked Himes.

Jim Himes, backtracking from his earlier statements responded, “there is nothing in the Democratic memo that says that.” He then reiterated that the judge was alerted and asked the congressman to read the underlying statement on page five of the Democrat memo.

House Transcript 2-5-18 Himes Memo FISA Judge


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