Today is the anniversary of the founding of Sparta Report

Happy Founder’s Day 2018 to all Spartans!

It has been two years since “the site that shall not be named” committed “internet suicide” by enacting Facebook commenting. On that fateful day, both those with commenting privileges and those without, were without warning, cast into the internet wilderness. Our “family” had been torn asunder. What were we to do?

From nowhere, our rescue occurred, as if pre-ordained. Four fearless persons, NWC, Doomberg, Fossten and Constantine would take action to save the newly homeless.

Gathering up those who had been tossed away, the “four amigos” did their best Moses’ impression. They led the New Exodus away from that site and into the wilderness, and we blindly followed, trusting their judgement, and having faith that our best interests were in their trustworthy hands.

Our Exodus began traversing dry and arid desert, but with the amigos guidance, we found needed water and pressed on. Then we met raging rivers which the amigos stopped with glaring looks, daring the waters to part, which immediately happened.

Next, under the amigos lead, we trekked through tall mountain passes, trudging through several feet of snow and ice, every step of the way, with blinding blizzards the norm. Each night, the amigos found us shelter and built fires so we could keep warm, and then going out foraging for food and hunting game to feed each of us.

Finally, after so many hours and days of wandering, the amigos led us to the Promised Land, a little place called HotGas and which was soon to be renamed Sparta Report. Our own Shangri-la to call our own.

We all owe the four amigos our grateful appreciation for their efforts.


The Last Year

The last year for Spartans has been filled with both joy and sadness, high hopes that are often dashed, and trials and tribulations. Yet we continue to move forward.

Our efforts and support for President Trump continues, even though the Courts and the Democrats try their best to thwart or delay the President’s goals and objectives.

Immigration reform continues to be a sought after goal. With each attempt to reform DACA, the courts are ready to step outside their authority to stop changes.

The end of Obamacare remains elusive, in large part to “party traitors” like Senator McCain.

Building of the Wall remains a sought after goal, but funding is help up by liberal Democrats.

We endeavor forward, even though so many oppose us.


Losses and Gains

We Spartans have also suffered losses. Joining Omaha Conservative in the heavens are ECM, Rovin and Katy-The Mean Old Lady. We miss them dearly, and pray for them daily.

Others have moved on on various reasons, often without even notice. The Troll Wrangler, Dancing Queen and others are missed, and we hope that they return someday.

Through all the losses and sadness, each day we find new people joining our ranks and contributing to the things that make Sparta Report such a wonderful home.


The Future and Management

The future looks bright for Sparta Report. The four amigos are now the “Three Amigos”, Constantine having taken his leave of us a year before.

Fossten, NWC and Doomberg, work regular forty hour workweeks on their jobs, and then put untold hours weekly into Sparta Report, making it the best it can be.

They are usually sighted writing articles and posts, or patrolling the threads, or making modifications to improve the website.

Keeping them in line and out of trouble are the Senior Editors, known as the Moderators. They are Radius, Bruno, Kingsjester, PolAgnostic, Mark and ArcadeHero.  We look to them for insightful guidance, humor, and biting commentary.

Finally, we must recognize the best of all Spartan Management and writers, the incredible team of “Pu and Rubbish.” Pu and Rubbish bring their unique brand of writing and their insightful perceptions to Sparta Report, something all other websites wish that they had.

As Sparta Report enters its third year, we Spartans voice our sincere gratitude and best wishes to the Founders for all that they do to make Sparta Report the best site on the internet, and such a wonderful home for all.

And as Newtie would say……………”Whatcha having?” as she slides everyone their “drink.” Let’s take our drinks in hand and salute the Founders for all the things they do.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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