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FLASHBACK: Adam Schiff sought more FISA transparency back in 2013

Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff appeared on Kremlin-owned Russian TV network RT back in 2013, arguing for more FISA transparency and for declassification of decisions of FISA judges.
Schiff appeared on RT to discuss the scope of the NSA’s surveillance program of American citizens following Edward Snowden’s revelations.The California Democrat said he was working to “make the FISA court more transparent so the American people can understand what’s being done in their name, in the name of national security.”

Now, in the wake of the revelations in the recently-released memo written by Congressional Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, he has completely flipped his position, even shrilly announcing that we could see another terrorist attack like the Oklahoma City bombing if we don’t keep FISA target information under wraps.

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