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Five Questions for Scott Pappalardo

I suspect these questions will be tough for Scott Pappalardo to answer.

scott pappalardo

Scott Pappalardo bought an AR-15 rifle thirty years ago, well before Bill Clinton’s assault weapons ban. He is by all appearances a typical, red-blooded, gun-wielding American. Why he even has a tattoo of the second amendment on his arm.

Monday, Scott Pappalardo used his AR-15 to make a statement:

The Left is, of course, hailing Pappalardo’s act as courageous, woke, and “the right thing to do.”

I’m sure Scot Pappalardo would rather be left alone so he could bask in the kudos the Left is throwing his way. I, however, have a few questions I’d like him to answer.

  1. You owned your AR-15 for 30 years and it never shot anyone. Did you no longer trust yourself with your gun?
  2. How does removing guns from the hands of law-abiding gun owners prevent school shootings?
  3. What gun law would you enact that would have stopped the Parkland shooting? Or any mass shooting for that matter?
  4. You claim you told your wife after the Sandy Hook shooting that you would gladly give your rifle up if it saved one life. Why did you wait nearly six years to destroy your weapon?
  5. Given the fact that you did not destroy your weapon after Sandy Hook, are you now convinced that giving up your weapon will save the lives of children in America? Or is this simply a publicity stunt to gain some notoriety?

I suspect these questions will be tough for Scott Pappalardo to answer. Many leftists, in fact, find such questions uncomfortable. Why? Simply put, the Left has no serious answers to any question on gun violence. They have no solutions beyond “ban all the guns,” and have no desire to look any deeper beyond that. Empty gestures are far more comforting to the Left than the hard work of actually examining all sides of an issue.

Empty gestures such as destroying your own rifle.

Editor’s Note: Many people will point out the fact that Pappalardo didn’t actually destroy his gun. Several Twitter users, in fact, stated that it would be easy for Pappalardo to simply switch out the barrel. The featured picture was reportedly posted by Pappalardo himself as a response to such questions on his Facebook post. It appears he has, in fact, completely destroyed his rifle.

That’s a good thing, because I don’t think someone as woke as Scott Pappalardo would fare well in prison.


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