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FBI Text Messages Show Routine Evasion of Public Records Laws

I had always known that Obama’s administration was one of the most corrupt in the country’s history, but I hadn’t realized just how bad things had gotten under his stewardship.

Some of the few remaining real investigative journalists remaining, Sharyl Attkisson in this particular instance, have begun turning over rocks at the FBI and are uncovering some very nasty things under them:

In the past two decades as communications via email, smart phones and social media have grown routine, there’s evidence that federal officials have consciously devised ways to thwart public records laws and keep their communications — our records — secret. Federal officials have used private email accounts, private servers and aliases (not their own name) for public business. They have deleted or lost messages that are supposed to be saved.

And they have learned to use text messaging.

In a new exchange released by the Senate Homeland Security committee today, FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzok seem to discuss this very issue in private texts.

This is just one artery of a huge problem that also includes federal agencies routinely violating Freedom of Information Act law. They’ve twisted the law on its head, using it to obstruct and delay the release of obviously public information. They filter legitimate public records through political reviews before releasing them in a process that isn’t, in my view, allowed under Freedom of Information law.

When did this culture of contempt for the law begin? I would wager that to some extent it’s been embedded in the federal bureaucracy for a long time.

However, with the rise of the SJW religious mania, that culture is increasingly coming into the open as a new generation of liberals and increasingly radicalized older liberals increasingly treat the government as their personal fiefdom.

Empowered by religious zeal and a towering sense of entitlement, many of these people thought they could use federal agencies to “de-elect” President Trump and ruin the lives of his friends and close supporters. Unfortunately for the so-called “Deep State,” its mistakes are coming back to bite it on the rear.

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