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Dixie Rising: Seattle residents think Norwegian banner is Confederate flag

Apparently some Seattle residents think the Norwegian flag is the Stars & Bars.

Hilarity ensues:

“Say der Sven, vacha uptoo?”

“Oh hey der Ole. I chust tawt dat I’d be puttin out da flag ta support da skiers over der in Korea.”

“Oh, dat’s a nice tawt. I tink chue bee doin a nice ting cuz Norvay is doin so gud.”

“Vell, it’s whacha do ya know.. Wanna haff some lefse vile ve vait fer da skiin ta start?”

“Oh, is it Lena’s? She makes da best I tink.”

“Whadda heck? Some guy is yellin’ about da flag?  Vuts dis konfedrat ting he’s sayin?”

“I dunno – prolly yust dat cranky lady who still got da HILLARY sign in her yurd.”

“Uff da.  I vish she get over it.”

“Ya, me too.”



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