Trump’s Joke About Democrat Traitors Triggers CNN

Trump couldn’t resist a joke at the Democrats’ expense.

President Donald J. Trump visited the Blue Ash factory in Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday. The purpose of Trump’s visit was to tout the epic tax reform bill that Trump signed into law in December. Of course, Trump being Trump, he just couldn’t resist making a joke at the Democrats’ expense:

Obviously, President Trump was joking. It’s clear from the video that he was trying to have a little fun with a friendly crowd. In fact, you can clearly hear the audience chuckle when Trump says “why not” when considering whether or not Democrats are treasonous curs. Surely no one in their right mind would be stupid enough to think Trump was actually serious:

So yes, sure, why not. Let’s say Trump was joking. But here’s the thing about that. A joke is not, by definition, false. Or believed to be false by the person who tells it. Or, more importantly, received as false by the people who hear it — and laugh at it. Quite the opposite. What’s that thing people say at a comedy show, when the performer is nailing her lines and you’re doubled over, slapping a knee?
“That’s so true.”
Trump has a history, too, that casts his Cincinnati show in darker hues. He routinely conflates himself with the government he was elected to lead. Allegiance to one, Trump has repeatedly implied, is the same as loyalty to the other. It stands to reason, then, that sitting on your hands, refusing to cheer as he speaks, is not simply defiance of a political opponent — it’s a betrayal of the country.
More importantly, though, is the rhetorical usefulness of playing off a smiling accusation — of treason, a capital offense — as a gag. To start, it immediately diminishes those who find it upsetting. Implicit in Sanders’ defense is a taunt: What’s wrong, can’t take a joke? It’s a conversation ender, and for Trump, one he used successfully on his way to the White House and in his first year in the job.
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All right, we all know liberals are, for the most part, dumb. They pretend to be the smartest people in the room as a defense to cover for their baffling ignorance on almost every subject. That was just one CNN writer, though. Surely no one else that works for such an esteemed news outlet would be offended by a little joke about treason.

It’s true what they say. Leftists have literally zero sense of humor.


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