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Court Takes Child Away From Parents Because They Refuse to Support Her ‘Transition’ to a Male

The Court Appointed Guardian is Lobbying to Have Her Grandparents Take Her Because They Support Her ‘Transition’

Ohio Children's Hospital Transgender Court Case

Social justice warriors have claimed another victim and have terrorized their family in Ohio. A 17 year old girl has decided that she will self identify as a boy and a judge in Hamilton County, Ohio has decided that the child will no longer be in custody of her parents because they disagree.

The court’s “medical team” recommended the parents be stripped of their authority because the parents refused to allow the child to seek therapy and refused to inject their child with hormones to start the transition to becoming a boy. They also identified, in their expert opinion, that the father’s ongoing refusal to call the child by her chosen name and both parents’ rejection of the gender identity the child has chosen has triggered suicidal feelings.

The medical team characterized the situation as a “life-or-death” affair, in which they believed that the child may commit suicide should they not be allowed to continue with their desired treatment.


The child was hospitalized in 2016. According to court records, she has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder, and gender dysphoria or a “conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identify.”

The teen is now in legal custody of Hamilton County Job and Family Services, currently living with her grandparents. They are asking for custody of the child and will carry forward with her treatments, saying they support the child’s “gender identity.” want custody and are supportive of the teen’s gender identity. He wants to stay with them.

The court-appointed guardian believes that the grandparents, not the parents, should have custody. They say that they are “best suited” to allow the mutilation the child desires to be performed.

“We think the grandparents are the ones who have an open mind and will … make this sort of decision best for the child,” argued attorney Paul Hunt, who represents the child’s court-appointed guardian. “The parents have clearly indicated that they’re not open to it,” he said.

The medical team from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, where the child had been in treatment, testified that the teen is “improving mentally and emotionally through therapy” and because her grandparents have created a supportive environment. However, they believe they should start treatment as soon as possible to “decrease” her “suicide risk.”

Medical studies have repeatedly shown that pre and post transition, suicide levels remain 10 to 20 times as high among individuals who describe themselves as transgender or “gender nonconforming” versus the general population. Despite doing everything the transgender individual wants, suicide remains just as high if not higher post surgery.

Medical professionals who are making these decisions are disregarding research and making “evidence based” free decisions, and are instead substituting their own political bias for their medical advice.


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