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Chicago Bakery Hires Blacks to Replace Lost Hispanic Workers

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This story is a great example of how hiring of native-born Americans is picking up in the wake of the deportation of illegal immigrants:

A major bakery on the Northwest Side once known for making Little Debbie snack cakes was sold earlier this month after an immigration audit cost the company about a third of its workers.

About 800 employees of the main Cloverhill Bakery on the Northwest Side and the company’s bakeries in Cicero and Romeoville lost their jobs when the audit found many were hired after presenting fake or stolen IDs.

Those Hispanic employees didn’t return to work, leaving the bakery desperate to fill their jobs. So the company turned to another placement agency, Metro Staff Inc., and it provided Cloverhill with workers screened through the government’s “E-Verification” program. Most of those new employees are African American.

Ed French, owner of Elgin-based Metro Staff Inc., says his company became the main provider of workers for the bakery and that about 80 percent of them are black. According to French, workers at the bakery were paid slightly less before his company was hired two and a half years ago — with wages up by about 25 cents an hour, to just above minimum wage.

He says everyone hired through his company is permitted to work in the country and has passed a background check and drug test.

According to a former consultant to the bakery, MSI paid the black workers $14 an hour, versus the $10 an hour the Mexican workers were making through Labor Network.

In the past, most of the workers at Cloverhill were Hispanic. Now, most are black.

Lynne Lane, a union steward at Cloverhill, says there are tensions as the two groups work side by side. Lane, who is black, says it was black workers at the bakery who called a government hotline to report the Mexican workers to immigration authorities.

The article tries very hard to subtly spin this as an issue of “Trump’s immigration policies are dividing us.” But the truth of the matter is that once the illegals were forced out and deported, American blacks were hired, and also received a higher wage on top of that. This dovetails with a finding of black unemployment falling to a record low.

In a development I found particularly amusing, the Hispanic workers were forced to train their black replacements. For years, it had been the other way around.

The media usually tries to make it seems like Trump’s policies aren’t helping people and don’t work, but the fact of the matter is, things are slowly beginning to turn around for the poor and working classes. This story is one of the many small ways in which Trump is making America great again.


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