BREAKING – Trump to Release Unredacted Memo Over Wray’s Objections, Slated for a Friday Morning Release

President Trump to send the memo back to Congress for a final release

Wray FBI Director Memo

Earlier today, Sara Carter reported that the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation demanded that the White House redact all names from the House Intelligence Committee memoradum. They stated that naming individuals involved in the FISA and other abuses was a “threat to national security.”

Sara A. Carter on Twitter

BREAKING: @FBI Director Christopher Wray and DOJ wants all names redacted from #FISAMemo putting pressure on White House and House Intelligence Committee, Government officials say … is releasing names a threat to national security?

Now the Washington Examiner reports that the White House has disregarded the demands and is planning on approving the unredacted memo for release tomorrow morning. It will ultimately be up to the House to release the memo at that point, as the White House has approved the unmolested memorandum’s release.

President Trump is expected to approve the release of a classified memo spearheaded by the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes.

According to a Thursday afternoon pool report, a White House official confirmed upon arrival to West Virginia that the president “has read the memo.”

Trump will declassify the controversial four-page memo that reportedly details surveillance abuses by the Department of Justice and FBI, and send it back to House Intelligence for a Friday morning release.

“The president is OK with it,” a senior administration official told reporters. “I doubt there will be any redactions. It’s in Congress’ hands after that.”

Rumors are also flying that FBI Director Wray may resign if the memo is released on Friday, but it appears to be from more anonymous sourcing and attempts by the media to read what White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is thinking.


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