BREAKING: Trump to Announce 2020 Run, Stuns Critics With Early Announcement

Four More Years?

President Trump will announce this week that he plans to run for reelection in 2020. News aggregator Matt Drudge made the announcement on his website.

President Trump is planning on bringing onto his campaign Brad Parscale, who was his former digital adviser. He is currently in charge of a pro-Trump organization called America First Policies.

President Trump’s decision to run for reelection should not be a surprise to anyone. He’s repeatedly talked about being president for eight years and he filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission in January for his reelection committee.

It’s not clear where or exactly when Trump will hold a reelection, campaign-style event.

According to Drudge, Trump plans to “stun the political” world by announcing his reelection bid only 13 months into his presidency.


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