BREAKING: Israeli Police Allege That Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘Took a Million Shekel Bribe’

They Have Recommended That He Be Brought Up On Charges

The Israeli police have within the last hour referred Israeli Prime Minister to their Attorney General for prosecution for alleged bribery and fraud.

According to Barak Ravid, he states that the evidence obtained by the police indicate that “Netanyahu took a million. I repeat: million shekels.” That is nearly $300,000.

Barak Ravid on Twitter

הראיות שבידי המשטרה מצביעות על כך שנתניהו לקח מיליון שקל שוחד. אני חוזר: מליון שקל

The police statement alleges that there is enough evidence to indict Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two cases.

Mr. Netanyahu has denied the charges and stated he will continue on as Prime Minister.

More on the story as this progresses.

Roger Simon of PJ Media states that this is a desparate attempt by the left in Israel to unseat their conservative Prime Minister:

It’s amusing to read the “salacious” police accusations against Bibi Netanyahu now the banner on Drudge.  Apparently the Bibster was bribed with “cigars and champagne” to help Arnon Milchan with his visa problems.  What is this — a remake of “I Can Get It for You Wholesale”?  Cigars and champagne couldn’t get you past the guard gate with the Clintons (or probably any other U.S. pol, alas).  Tens of millions are required, at minimum.  What’s going on?  I thought Israel was a high-tech powerhouse these days.  Oh, well.  As we know, the left will use just about anything.  And if they don’t have anything, they’ll make it up. (Netanyahu is supposedly also guilty of trying to get a newspaper publisher to write good things about him.  Good luck with that.)


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