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Banned From YouTube: Why I’m Leaving For BitChute

YouTube has fallen far from its founding principles.

YouTube has been aggressively policing its platform over the last few days ever since the Parkland school shooting. Dozens of channels large and small are being caught up in YouTube’s futile quest to purge itself of “fake news.”

I’ve had yet another video banned from YouTube for supposed “hate speech,” and “bullying.” Like many other creators I have gotten fed up with YouTube’s draconian speech policies. Here’s what I’m doing about it going forward:

YouTube was intended to be a platform where anyone could say whatever they wanted. What’s shocking isn’t that YouTube has fallen far from that lofty ideal. Censorship was inevitable once leftist, corporate money became involved. The most shocking thing is how fast YouTube turned against its founding principles.

Hopefully there’s a chance for YouTube to save itself. I wouldn’t hold out any hope, though.


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