A Second Memo Might be Incoming from the Senate Intelligence Committee

The Hits Against the Deep State Keep Coming!

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The House Intelligence Committee memo absolutely destroys the Department of Justice and the FBI as massively corrupt, unaccountable agencies… I do not know how much more damage a second memorandum can do.

The memo does look like it may focus on Christopher Steele’s dossier and the FBI using it as one of the main reasons for the FISA warrant.

Senate Judiciary Committee Memo

What we do know though… is this man is going to jail:

James Comey memo

Comey testified under oath on 1/6/17 that the dossier was salacious and unverified.

Yet now we know he was using it from day 1 to apply for the FISA warrants to the FISA court.


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James Comey memo

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