Why Liberals Are Burning Down Institutions And Businesses They Control

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The NFL is a recent example of what happens to institutions when SJWs take charge. Their ratings are plunging and their once record high revenues may now be at risk. It’s not inaccurate to say that the protests could cost the league hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet the NFL has doubled down on the protests, implicitly telling millions of unhappy fans they don’t want them watching football and don’t want their money.

Normal people are aghast at this. Why is the NFL throwing so much money away?

There is a fundamental aspect of liberalism which I think that many people fail to understand, and it is the liberal attitude and strategy toward the culture war. Conservatives have been bludgeoned by liberals into not talking too much about the culture war, and when it is talked about, it’s almost always in the context of single issues such as abortion or prayer in public schools.

Even when liberal grand strategy is discussed, the implications of things like “the long march through the institutions” are not really properly discussed. This strategy began with the infiltration of the news media and academia. Previously, both of these professions were relatively apolitical or at least not as political as they were today.

However, both professions now have as their primary mission the regurgitation of liberal political dogma first and foremost. Schools have mostly abandoned their original mission entirely. Most of the people now teaching in schools, especially public schools, are themselves products of an education system which put politics first and foremost and the actual education of children second.

As a consequence, because of this focus on politics first, second, and last, our children are increasingly unable to function in the job marketplace:

The United States has traditionally performed well on the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study, an assessment given to fourth-graders in schools around the world every five years. In 2016, however, the average score in the United States dropped to 549 out of 1,000, compared to 556 in 2011. The country’s ranking fell from fifth in the world in 2011 to 13th, with 12 education systems outscoring the United States by statistically significant margins. Three other countries roughly tied with the United States; they scored higher, but the differences were not ­notable.

“We seem to be declining as other education systems record larger gains on the assessment,” Peggy G. Carr, acting commissioner for the federal government’s National Center for Education Statistics, said during a news conference Friday. “This is a trend we’ve seen on other international assessments in which the U.S. participates.”

The report adds to a worrisome body of evidence that academic achievement is stagnant or slipping among U.S. schoolchildren. Fourth-graders and eighth-graders continued to lag behind their counterparts in Asian countries in math and science, according to another international exam administered in 2015. That same year, high school seniors showed unchanged results in reading and slipping scores in math on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, an exam given every two years. Reading scores on that test for fourth-graders remained unchanged and dropped for eighth-graders.

There are many, many problems with US schools, particularly the public school system, but the core of the problem is that the school system is not designed to educate students to succeed at a job in adulthood. The school system is only designed to ensure students think the correct political thoughts. The core problem is the leftist teachers, who see themselves as preachers first and educators second, or not at all.

The media has a similar problem. Indeed, I would argue that the public perception of a reporter has devolved to the point where it’s generally accepted by everyone that a reporter is a political activist rather than someone who just writes about current events to inform the public.

When a social justice warrior is hired to do a job, they aren’t going into the job to do the job and make money. They’re instead thinking of how best to use the job as a means of spreading their liberalism and supporting liberalism.

They conceptual idea they are using is “the occupation of cultural spaces.” This means in practice that social justice warriors will seek jobs in TV, media, schools, video games, comic books, or at a tech company, with the goal of using that job as a platform to better spread their values.

The recent shakeup in comic books is a good example illustrating this. In my post here, I wrote about how social justice warriors had infiltrated Marvel comics and had basically ruined the company.

The Youtube channel Diversity and Comics has been chronicling this situation in comic books for several months, and the main thrust of his arguments is that the comic books aren’t selling well because they are incoherent political rants thrown together by leftist hacks who spend all day “crusading” against Trump on Twitter. None of these people care whether their comics sell; only whether or not a blow is struck in the endless struggle for “social justice.”

In fact, not only do social justice warriors not care if their comics sell, many of them would rather burn down the industry they are working in to the ground than return to an apolitical, profitable way of doing things. This is because, as I noted above, SJWs see themselves as culture warriors who have successfully invaded and captured a “cultural space,” and returning to a profitable way of doing things means conceding defeat to the “Nazis,” “Nazis” being defined as “anyone who is not an SJW.”

This mode of thinking has been on full display in places like the video game industry, science fiction, retail, and the NFL. Sparta Report covered the damage Target did to itself with the transgender bathroom controversy, and of course we have been chronicling the ongoing implosion of the NFL and ESPN as well.

The NFL in particular is the most extreme example of social justice hollowing out and collapsing a major business. By now, it is clear to the owners and Roger Goodell that these protests are tearing the league to pieces and costing them hundreds of millions. Instead the NFL is doubling down.

This is because the NFL is not a pro sports organization; it is now a political advocacy group that puts on football games to draw attention to “social justice” issues. The mostly liberal NFL owners are not going to return to the profitable way of doing things, because that means conceding the cultural space of NFL to the “Nazis,” that is, ordinary apolitical people who watch and attend the games.

To be clear, normal people do not think and behave like social justice warriors. The behavior I am describing is that of a religious fanatic. Liberalism once prided itself as being the political philosophy of the learned, the enlightened, and the experts.

Increasingly, however, as liberalism has failed as a governing model, it has become the domain of zealots and radicals, cranks and the mentally ill, who view everything in political terms, and are inflexibly hostile to liberal democracy and the institutions upon which the United States was built.

The culture war must be fought and won, because as we’ve seen, if we continue to allow schools, the media, and the entertainment industries to manufacture these brainwashed fanatics, we will get to the point where they will control every aspect of our lives.

The famous saying Turkey’s President Erdogan made in regards to democracy is how liberals view tolerance of political dissent from their orthodoxies. For liberals, tolerance is like a train: when you reach your destination, you get off.


Written by Doomberg

I am Doomberg, one of the original founding members of Sparta Report, and have been here since the beginning. I am an insatiable news junkie and enjoy reading and writing about the US territories, the Caribbean, video games, smartphones, and of course conservative politics in general.

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