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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #67 – Almost February Edition

What Are We Playing This Week?

I played some Spelunker Party & Breath Of The Wild on the Nintendo Switch with some Dynamite Headdy on the Sega Genesis. I spent about an hour on Space Giraffe (PC) but enjoyed my time on Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar) more.

What about you?

Gaming Headlines

Blizzard Now Banning Overwatch Players Over YouTube Comments They Deem “Toxic” (NSFW ads in link)

Valve Boldly Declares That They Are Still Making Games – Which ones? Well that’s still TBA

Capcom’s Stock Up Almost 5% After Monster Hunter World Launch, Best Performance In Almost 20 Years

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 Gets A New Trailer (PS4, Japan)

New Patch For Fortnite Battle Royale Introduces Numerous Bugs, Shuts Servers Down

Spider-Man’s (PS4) Release Date Might Have Leaked

Make-A-Wish Creates A Nintendo Themed Playground

Squenix Has JRPG Action Covered For iOS/Android With Trinity Master

More Character Reveals For SoulCalibur VI

EPIC Says Sayonara To Paragon On April 26th

The King Of Fighters ’97 Global Match Announced At EVO 2018 (PC/PS4/Vita(lol))

Have You Taken Your Pac-Man Multi-Vitamins Today?

That Time When Nintendo Netherlands Steamrolled A Bunch Of Bootleg Gameboy Games

A Podcast Of Friends Remembering ECM


Atari Announces Roller Coaster Tycoon For Switch And The Downvotes Begin – As we’ve discussed in this thread before, Atari is NOT the same company that pioneered the industry. The practices that they’ve put in place on many occasions over the past 20 years has done little to restore the name to former glory and with this latest trick, I am wondering if they might have caused irreparable harm to the brand. Here’s a link to their ‘unique’ crowdfunding campaign for this new title but I’ll let the video do the explaining as to why this is looking like a big joke.

You also might recall that last year there was some buzz thanks to the announcement of their Ataribox console; I had a hunch then that it was little more bait to try and get some suckersinvestors to help them pay off debt. While an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was supposed to start for that last month, they canceled that at the last minute and nothing has been said about it since. They also haven’t revealed any games for the hardware so if your Red Flag Meter is working, you should have a sense for where that is going. How I would love to purchase the brand name & original IP to make the Fuji Great Again…

PixARK Steps Up To Challenge Minecraft (PC/PS4/SW/XB1) – I don’t know that they’ll manage to de-throne MC but if you like both games (as my 12-year old son does), I’m sure this will find a market.

Castle Of Heart Bringing Sidescrolling Hack-N-Slashing To The Switch – And just for the Switch, sometime this year. I have a soft spot for games like this but it certainly does look different than other indie titles I’ve seen on the platform. Careful about blinking during the teaser though, at 15 seconds you might miss a thing or two 😛

New Trailer For SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy – If this is the kind of game that floats your boat:

Technology Headlines

Elon Musk’s Boring Company Now Selling…Flamethrowers

Lyft Staffers Brag About Stealing Celebrity Customer Data

Hackers Steal $532 million Worth Of Cryptocuyrrency From Coincheck

Here’s a Map Showing The Undersea Telecom Cables

Samsung To Unveil The S9 Phone On Feb. 25th

Microsoft Launches New Privacy Tools For Windows 10

Winner Of The Google Lunar XPRIZE Announced: Nobody

Flat Earfer Moron Aims To Prove That The Earth Is Flat By Flying Up A Mere 1800 ft In The Air – You can climb taller buildings than that or just take a commercial flight

Trump Admin Triggers Liberals Over Proposal To Shift Funding From The Space Station To Manned Lunar Exploration – You’d think he was closing DS9 or Babylon 5 from the reactions

When They Aren’t Busy Sifting Through Your Personal Messages & Comments On Other Sites, Twitter Is Working On A Snapchat-like Tool


“A Better Hologram” Developed At BYU – While VR has soaked up most of the attention (and R&D development cash) when it comes to new-fangled displays, various teams out there have been trying their hand at making holograms (or as they usually prefer to say – volumetric displays) a reality. This particular effort developed at BYU seems to be closer to the original promise of holography but it will be a while before it’s ready for commercial applications.

Blincam – I’m sure this would go over really well with the  #MeToo movement – “He winked at me AND took my photo! Disgusting pig!”

Myo Armband  – This is a couple of years old now and I’ve not seen anyone use one in public. But, if gesture control is your thing and you want to do it without a camera (like Kinect), this is looks like a decent alternative. It’s $200 though…

Think Twice About Using Those Hotel Safes – I never really used them anyways as they as secure as a cryptocurrency wallet. More details also found on this article.

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Iiiiiii Seeeeeee Yooooou – NGC 1398 is an unimpressive designation for this interesting galaxy that lies a mere 65 million light-years away. If it was a little more red/orange, it might have earned the name “The Sauron Galaxy”, although I’m sure that it’s a much nicer place to explore than Mordor.

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