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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #66 – There’s Cardboard For That Edition

Let’s start with saying thank you to everyone for your condolences on the death of fellow Spartan ECM last week. While some of the shock has worn off, it is still difficult to believe. That post also seems to be the only obituary for him at the moment, which is a little unfortunate but I’m glad that it has been able to reach a wider audience.

What Are We Playing This Week?

I completed the Champion’s Ballad DLC on Breath Of The Wild; otherwise been using those handheld game devices I got for Christmas, the Sega Genesis & Atari 2600 portables. I’ve played a bunch of games thanks to these:  Dynamite Headdy, CastleVania Bloodlines, Moonwalker (had to relive an old memory with that one…it’s far cheesier than I remember) / River Raid, Kaboom!, Enduro to name a few.

Gaming Headlines

They Couldn’t Get The 10,000 Tickets To Win The GoPro So Broke In

Final Fantasy VII Remake Concept Art Posted On Twitter

Teaser Launched For The Upcoming Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle Pinball Machine

Scribblenauts Showdown Announced (Switch)

Android No. 21 Joins The Roster For Dragonball Fighter Z (PS4/XB1)

Crossing Souls Launching Next Month (PC/PS4) – Another love letter to Gen Xer’s

Namco To Announce Details On Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 This Week

Former Sega Dev Yuji Naka Joins Square Enix

Kirby Battle Royale Launch Trailer (3DS)

Koei Tecmo Shows Off Dynasty Warriors 9’s Open World In New Trailer

Microsoft Was Working On An Xbox Watch – Keyword: Was

Game Shamer Matt Hickey Sentenced To 34 Months In Prison – What a name for a game hating sex pervert, amirite?

Ex-NeoGAF Game Shamer & Anti-GamerGater Christopher Goldberg Gets 2 Years For His Sex Perversion

CES’87 (Yes, 1987) – “Atari Is Back & Better Than Ever” – It’s like a Nintendo Direct but without the personal touch of a corporate suit guide


Nintendo Surprises The Gaming World With Labo – There had been rumblings that after the Mini Direct back on the 11th, that Nintendo would be unveiling something new on the 18th and boy did they deliver. Showing the versatility of the Switch combined with some child-like imagination (and possibly inspired by the Caine’s Arcade movement), pre-cut cardboard toys can be setup to use the Switch hardware to create something interesting. Granted, many adults are crapping on the idea but just because you’re not the target market for this one product means that Nintendo is spitting on your generation (or that you are being forced to buy something just because the Nintendo logo is on it). Kudos to Nintendo for continuing to be the strongest force for creativity in the gaming industry, while their competitors continue to chase the Ark of the “BEST GRAPHICS EVAR…for the moment”.

13 Minutes Of Sega’s House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn – Mentioned in the thread last week, a certain fan in Tokyo managed to grab a bit of footage of this one from the location test this past weekend. A more complete version will be showing up at JAEPO (a Japanese arcade/amusement trade show) in about 2 1/2 weeks:

Metal Gear Survive Co-Op Trailer (PS4/XB1) – While I have not played Metal Gear (apart from brief spats with the NES version), I know many people that are into the series and are looking forward (with managed expectations) to Konami’s Metal Gear Survive. I don’t know if this trailer will sway skeptics one way or the other but as someone from the “outside” who finds wave-based games like this a guilty pleasure, it has my attention. Unfortunately, Konami harms that attention by stating that it will have always-on DRM and microtransactions (they never are “micro”, are they)

FoxNext Formed As Fox Scoops Up Cold Iron Studios – The first project of the new endeavor is a shooter game set in the Aliens (the James Cameron directed film) universe. I know someone who works at Cold Iron (which is hiring more talent to work on this particular game) but nothing to share yet other than this news 😛 Fox has been directly involved in game development before, having developed a number of games for the Atari 2600 back-in-the-day. Otherwise, they have generally been more into licensing.

Sega & Two Point Studios Announces Two Point Hospital – It’s a spritual resurrection of the old Theme Hospital, replete with new game mechanics

Rampage’s 2nd Trailer – I’s always a good sign that the movie will be great when it starts to screw with the source material to the point that it makes a wolf character…fly. Right? Also not sure why they felt compelled to change the story from lab technicians having an accident to alien artifact changes people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Speaking of that, The Upcoming Tomb Raider Movie That No One Seems To Be Talking About Has A New Trailer too. This is also being made into a light-gun arcade game for Dave & Busters but I have been unable to find out anything more than that. Allegedly, the game will be appearing at D&Bs either this week or next.

Technology Headlines

CES 2018: Wireless Mice In The Spotlight – No, not “real” mice

Thanks To Cryptocurrency Mining, GPU Prices Are Now Stupidly Absurd – Unforeseen Consequencestm

The Commodore Story Lauching On Blu-Ray, Amazon, Netflix & iTunes Feb. 23rd

AMD In Lawyer Crosshairs Over Spectre Vulnerabilities

40,000 OnePlus Customers Had Their Card Info Stolen Last Week – Knowing how these things always shake out, I’m sure the number was much higher

China’s Next Aircraft Carrier Looking To Make A Mark

Amazon Prime Monthly Rates About To Go Up

One ManTM And His Bots Drove The Price For Bitcoin Up From $150 To $1000

RTRI Trains In Japan Being Outfitted To Bark Like A Dog To Scare Deer Away – Saving deer lives, one woof at a time

Why We Have To Keep Renaming Airport Runways – Thank the Earth’s magnetic core

Kim DotCom Suing New Zealand For Destruction Of His Business

Good Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Smartphone Battery

No One Should Be Really Shocked That Bitcoin’s Bubble Is Bursting


Kilopower: NASA’s Project For Establishing Small Nuclear Reactors On Mars – While solar panels will have their uses on the Red Planet, power has to be much more consistent than what such a panel would offer (that and the further you get away from the Sun, the less power such panels generate). Enter in nuclear power:

Breakthrough For Organic Solar Cells – There are a lot of ‘coulds’ around it still but research at the Univ. Of Michigan may be what is needed to create solar cells that are much more inexpensive and efficient than existing solar panels. Read more about it here or watch this video:

Harvard Develops New Rotating 3D Printer Head – Seems like most of the time we hear about universities these days, it’s some new, innovative way for them to create a safe space while ignoring competing opinions but there are plenty of project out there are focused on developing practical applications. Here, Harvard has developed a rotating 3D printer head that makes the composites output stronger/more durable than you get with a standard 3D printer device. To quote the article: ““Rotational 3D printing can be used to achieve optimal, or near optimal, fiber arrangements at every location in the printed part, resulting in higher strength and stiffness with less material”.

TVs In Slo-Mo – Great video by Slo-Mo Guys, showing how TVs draw their images and covering CRTs, LCDs and even an OLED set. Perhaps 10 years from now we’ll also Graphene Nanoribbon Displays

Zapata’s Flyboard – If some clown dons a green suit and starts hurling pumpkin bombs at people, then there goes that bit of fun for everyone else:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Looking At The Milky Way From The Center – NASA released a fascinating video this week, showing what it looks like if you were to stand at the center of our galaxy looking around (and if time were dramatically sped up – covers 500 years). Granted, the simulation & visuals are using both X-Ray and infrared light and not the visible spectrum but the effects you see are scientifically based on these parts of the spectrum and are thanks to shockwaves created by a number of Wolf Rayet stars near the center. This is a 360o video so just click and drag your mouse around to look (that or load it up into one of those cheap VR headsets if you have one and can stand the effect)

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