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Watch Corey Booker Go Batsh*t Crazy

Corey Booker went completely and utterly crazy and tore into DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Booker spent almost 10 minutes screaming and lecturing Nielsen about whether or not President Trump actually said “shithole” in the bi-partisan immigration meeting the other day.

I’ve had a little fun with the most unhinged portion of Corey Booker’s little rant. Enjoy.

I’ve seen several conservative pundits and politicians bring up a good point. What if it had been a Republican verbally assaulting a poor, innocent Democrat woman for 10 minutes? The Left wouldn’t stand for it, of course. We’d see a reprisal of the Republican’s War on Women. There would be much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. The Mainstream Media would spend all day every day clutching its pearls.

Except for CNN, of course. They’re too busy creeping around in the bushes spying on Donald Trump:

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