This Conservative Idea is Hate Speech According to Southern Poverty Law Center

The leading organization that determines the line that no one is supposed to cross in the modern day political censorship regime has come out with a new list of hate speech. Southern Poverty Law Center now states that hate speech now includes wanting or saying we have the right to control our borders in the United States.

Remember, this organization is responsible for many websites, organizations, political groups, media companies, and others’ policies regarding hate speech.

They work with Google to curate the search engine results to damage conservative websites and reduce their search results rankings. Unfortunately, given Google’s size and monopoly over the gateway to the wider internet, other search engines follow their lead on many issues.

This is also the same organization that admitted recently in a congressional hearing that the basis for selection to earn the “honor” of being on the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Group list is pure opinion. These “opinions” are issued by SPLC employees that donate heavily to left wing causes.

SPLC President Richard Cohen testified in front of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security Thursday, and made this crucial admission responding to questions from Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.). Perry noted that the SPLC has marked many mainstream conservative Christian groups as “hate groups,” including D. James Kennedy Ministries, the Family Research Council (FRC), and Liberty Counsel.

“You’re used as a credible source for law enforcement and you’re testifying in front of Congress when it appears obvious that it’s only your opinion that you base your hate group citations on,” Perry declared.

“Well, it is our opinion,” Cohen admitted. “It’s an opinion that I think has a tremendous amount of credibility.”

Perry cut him off: “but no empirical evidence or data to back it up.”

Sites like Amazon, PayPal, Google Services (Adsense, YouTube, etc.), and others have blacklisted revenue sharing programs, ended online donation processing, blocked advertising for organizations just for being placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate” group listings.

The Liberty Conservative had their advertisement services shut down completely until they deleted a post that was deemed to be ideologically incompatible with Southern Poverty Law Center/Google’s speech police code.

Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugged were both targeted by the left. Both lost significant revenue opportunities as a result of organizations like Southern Poverty Law Center literally making up reasons to assign websites and people the label “Hate Group.”

A peek at the SPLC Hatetracker reveals various hashtag trends (based on what right-wing Twitter accounts are using in their tweets) that the left wing organization has deemed to be “hate speech.”

Interspersed with various neo-nazi tilting hashtags include mundane conservative or nationalist themes. The SPLC seeks to conflate #Jewworldorder, #Nazis, and other nazi-esque themes with President Trump, his supporters and other conservative individuals.

Some examples include:








And the newest



Now that they have deemed any desire to control the border as a violation of the new hate speech rule, expect to see a new assault on those who want to control or reduce immigration.

Left wing influenced companies now have official sanction from the high priests of social justice warriordom to ban, block, assault NumbersUSA, Center for Immigration Studies, Federation for American Immigration Reform, and others as they are now considered hate groups akin to the Klu Klux Klan or neo-nazis.

Remember, people like this populate companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Southern Poverty Law Center.

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These people determine what is considered fake news and hate speech.


Written by NWC

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