The Washington Free Beacon Embarasses Itself, Tweets out a Buff Mitt Romney Centaur Photo

Mitt Romney Centaur Twitter Photo Free Beacon Gay Meme

I literally cannot think of a more pathetic meme to create than this. In their quest to become even gayer than the Marco Rubio and Justin Bieber memes, the Washington Free Beacon tweeted out this creepy meme of Mitt Romney as a buff Centaur.

Maybe they were trying to imitate Donald Trump’s memes from the 2016 campaign, who knows?

But it certainly is not going to work when the man of the hour is an effete establishmentarian who has more in common with the social justice warriors than actual Americans.

The Washington Free Beacon has been linked to establishment shennanigans before. They were found to have worked with the company that was behind the fake Trump-Russian Dossier that the FBI used to get a warrant to wiretap and investigate Trump and his associates.

The news organization worked with Fusion GPS to do opposition research against Donald Trump during the Republican primary.

The Washington Free Beacon is also linked to Bill Kristol.

Here is the tweet that their account tweeted out Tuesday:

Free Beacon on Twitter

Free Beacon on Twitter

Mitt Romney has not yet announced his candidacy for Utah’s Senate Race, but he recently changed his Twitter location from Massachusetts to Utah nearly immediately after Senator Orrin Hatch announced he was retiring from the Senate.



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