The Chronicles of the Trump Chapter Nine

By Deplorable Gloater

1.Hearken all ye Deplorables!  For the time is at hand when the Fist of Trump striketh his enemies, and grindeth their bones to dust.

2.For once  a time ago we wandered in the wilderness. Moore, the Bannonite, was defeated in battle through subterfuge and friendly fire. Yea, we loseth a sure seat to an abortionist, and must focus anew.

3.The Deplorables have been through many tribulations of mind and spirit. Yea, we are up against an enemy who quitteth not, no matter how many of our arrows pierce their bodies.

4.For there was doubt on DACA, and many questioned the mind of Trump, and concerning anger touched their souls. Truly, this is a big deal to many and none truly knoweth the mind of Trump.

5.Now Dicky Durbin trieth again our soul to contempt. Yea, he recruiteth our own , to sneak around us and trap our Trump.  But did we not see Trump respond in fury? Did he not reign down his wrath on those who use trickery? Truly, he didst toss them out, and did taketh their coats, and chastiseth them for their lechery, and exposeth their fickleness.

6.We do see that they useth the Mexican to divide America. Yea, they have cast aside the Black in favor of a new flanking attack, and their fire is withering. They useth racist and frothing of the mouth to get gain over Trump, yet he withstands it.

7.And corrupt judges standeth in the way still, and will continue despite the law. For they believe they are the law, and mocketh us Deplorables.

8.But this too will pass, as shit runneth through a goose. Yea, tis but a scratch on our armor.

9.Despite these attempts, there is fear in the eyes of our enemies.  For an old hag leaketh an interview because of pressure from a cold, or something. Yea, we see the desperation in her eyes and her soul doth rot in front of us.

10.And the Truth of a Dossier is starting to come forth to all, and it exposeth the putridesence of the Democrats. For they seek their own glory above our Nation, and seek to dethrone the rightful Leader of our Nation.

11.An indictment on Uranium One has sprung forth, and the media doth try to divert. Yea, they trieth their lies and deflection on the people, that Hillary and our Intel agencies were duped by Russians lurking behind every blade of grass.

12.But their lies are being exposed, and there is more to come. A General, an Inspector, hath released to a committee part of their inquiries into corruption, and a Nunes claimeth he clearly sees the corruption . 

13.But lo, see the shittery that cometh down the pike!  For Dicky doth claim of Shithole nations, and he pinky-sweareth to the truthfulness of it! Yea, he runneth to the press to make his claim.

14.And it came to pass that many a cuck runneth with it, for they condemn Trump for saying it, though they have no proof Trump actually sayeth it.  It it runneth around to the Shitholes of the Earth, causing much wailing and cries of racism by the Enemies of Trump.

15.But yea, some truth cometh out, for two who attendeth the meeting swear they heareth no such thing from Trump.  And yea, another woman who was there backeth up their truth.

16.And Shitholes became a common word  for the media, and people scorned the media to death. Yea, it was grievous for them to bear, for the proveth that Shithole nations are truly shitholes, for their people doth bathe in shit. And shithole ruleth the airwaves, yet there is doubt that Trump sayeth it to begin with.

17.And The man of the friend of T-Bone  loseth his mind and attacketh her; tears of the pussy runneth down his eye and he screameth aloud to be heard of men, but signifies nothing.

18.And in the Swamp, a doctor speaketh to all about the Health of Trump, who doth confirm the Stability of Trump, and that he is healthy and wise due to two scoops, McDonald’s, and Diet Cokes. And the media loseth their minds.

19.And Fake News sendeth their best, who rudely tried to pick a fight. And with one finger, Trump casteth out the Demon Acosta, who pouteth in tweets. And more winning was had.

20.Trump tweeteth on, delivering fire and brimstone upon his enemies.  They knoweth not what to do except playeth the Card over and over. But he Tweeteth some more and they bayeth at the moon, for they expecteth Trump to wither, as other Repubs heretofore hath done.  Truly they wilteth from the scorn of the Democrat and media, but Trump stands strong, and careth not for their hate.

21.They hateth him for winning. They hate him for bringing prosperity to their constituents. They hate him because he worketh to bring up those who are trapped in the poverty of the democrat. They doubleth their support for Trump, and it driveth the Liberal to their shithole. They hate him for keeping his promises. They hate him because he tweeteth. They hate him because he fighteth back.

22.They hate him for sustaining the Law. They hate him because he speaketh the truth unvarnished. They hate him because Jeb he is not. They hate him because he took their Precious from them. They hate him because they are filled with hate.

23.And through all this, the Dow riseth, and the expert asketh “How can this be?” 

24.And words cometh forth that one asketh for those officials who hideth the illegal to be arrested. She calleth for the law to be applied who putteth the illegal in front of the American and the legal.

25.Behold! See Batshit Booker berateth a woman because she telleth the truth about what Trump sayeth! Trump unhingeth the Liberal, for they substitute their own reality because they careth not for the truth and MAGA.

26.And yet, we are not even finished with Year one of the Trump.  There will be moar winning to come. There will be more fights to be fought. There will be violence in the street in due time. 

27. But Trump is still President, and all is well.



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