TERRIFIC: Newsweek editor Fasih Ahmed finds silver lining in cloud of child sexual abuse

Here’s the tweet, and his subsequent DEFENSE of it, along with a few replies.  It pretty much speaks for itself, so have at him:

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Fasih Ahmed on Twitter

Child sexual abuse has always happened, is happening, and will always continue. Two days of outrage on Twitter and participating in a 10-person vigil may make you feel so noble but that’s all just about you, not those who’ve been victimized

Fasih Ahmed on Twitter

@ninoqazi The outrage won’t last because people are assholes. Child molestation was ok before MeToo and it will be ok again. We’ll pretend it doesn’t happen. I don’t think I was being subtle about it

Stefan Molyneux on Twitter

This is a Newsweek editor. Newsweek is not sending their best.

Also, sort of amusing that he thinks the angry tweet assumed he worked for the State Department, instead of just ALERTING the State Department:

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Looks like Newsweek has responded already:

Newsweek on Twitter

Recent tweets by Newsweek Pakistan editor @therealfasih do not represent the views of @Newsweek. We are reviewing our relationship with @NewsweekPak, which operates under a license agreement.


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