Take the Frank Luntz Scheiss Loch Hometown Challenge!

Pearl clutching GOPe pollster-who-blew-Trump’s-landslide and all-around #NeverTrump apologist is aghast over the alleged comment that has lead to Shitholegate.

As per Twitchy:

And if you don’t think calling a country a “shithole” necessarily means the people are bad, tell me how you‘d react if someone called your hometown the same thing.

Well Frankarooskie, most of the burgs up on The Iron Range, including my little hometown, would definitely qualify as “shitholes” at one time or another.

Call it “creeping shitholitis” thanks to NAFTA and cheap foreign steel.

I’m hoping the El Donaldo turns that around and The Mines recover.

How about the restaya?

Shithole or not shithole, that is the question…




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