Sessions Met With Kelly About the Memo

Negative stories about Attorney General Jeff Sessions have flooded the wires in the last 24-48 hours:

On Wednesday, as Republicans were clamoring to make public a document they think will undercut the investigation into Russian meddling, President Donald Trump made clear his desire: Release the memo.

Trump’s directive was at odds with his own Justice Department, which had warned that releasing the classified memo written by congressional Republicans would be “extraordinarily reckless” without an official review. Nevertheless, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly relayed the president’s view to Attorney General Jeff Sessions – although the decision to release the document lies with Congress.

Kelly and Sessions spoke twice that day – in person during a small-group afternoon meeting and over the phone later that evening – and Kelly conveyed Trump’s desire, a senior administration official said.

The left is clearly afraid that the President may be about to fire one or more of the trio of Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller, as the rest of the article reviews the long history of negative comments Trump has made about his Attorney General, as well as the questionably sourced stories from the NYT about Trump’s lawyer “making” him back down on firing Mueller.

The DOJ is obviously extremely unhappy about the memo that is about to be released and has been refusing to cooperate with Congress. Expectations are high that the memo will reveal DOJ collusion with the FBI to damage Trump. Increasingly, both agencies are simply refusing to cooperate with Congress and daring Congress to do something about it.

While Congress historically has spines made of jelly when it comes to this issue, the releasing of the memo may change the scenario. Republican base anger also seems to be hitting a fever pitch as more and more questions are raised about how unethically the Mueller investigation has been conducted, which will put further pressure on Congress to rein in the Justice Department.

Sparta Report has been reporting on troubling controversies involving Sessions for some time.

Some readers may recall this November post, where Sessions recused himself for seemingly no real reason from the Uranium One investigation.

PolAgnostic also wrote a long, speculative opinion piece questioning Sessions’ loyalties back in July.

One of the sources for PolAgnostic’s piece was this piece from Gregg Jarrett at FOX News. The piece explains that Sessions deliberately decided to recuse himself from any matters relating to the investigation before he became Attorney General and was very careful to hide this plan from Trump.

The explanation of Sessions being an “honorable man” began to strain my credulity when I read that Jarrett piece, and I lost any remaining confidence that I had after the behavior of the DOJ in the last week. Nowadays, the protestations of Sessions’ good character remind me a lot of the testimonials to Comey’s good character in 2016.


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