Sarah Huckabee Sanders Press Conference 1-9-18

As stated previously, Sarah Huckabee Sanders just reiterated that the administration only supports a DACA bill that contains the President’s preconditions.

Chairman Bob Goodlatte described Tuesday the details of the bill that will be brought before the House:

  • Ends chain migration
  • Ends the visa lottery
  • Funding for the Wall
  • Addresses sanctuary cities
  • Implements Kate’s law
  • Addresses the DACA visa holders only

Sarah Huckabee Sanders got into a debate with Jim Acosta of CNN again, where he debated with her for several minutes using Democrat talking points.

At one point Jim Acosta said that the Democrats may vote down a DACA bill if it includes funding for a wall, Sanders retorted that the number one priority for the President is to protect the lives and safety of Americans and if the Democrats don’t want to protect them, then we’ve reached a sad day in America.


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