Ronny Jackson Is The Most Hated Doctor In America

Pictured: Dr. Jackson colluding with a foreign national to fake President Trump's medical exam in a few years...

White House doctor Ronny Jackson has performed a thorough physical examination on President Trump. Like most Americans the president could stand to lose a little weight, but Dr. Jackson has declared President Trump is as healthy as a horse.

What interested the Left, however, was the cognitive exam that Dr. Ronny Jackson performed. Surely the cognitive exam showed that President Trump was suffering from dementia, or early onset Alzheimer’s, or was just insane. After all the Left and the Mainstream Media has been beating the drum that President Trump is clinically insane for over a year now. Dr. Jackson, a highly trained and respected military doctor, must have picked up on that right?

Of course not! Doctor Ronny Jackson exploded that Leftist narrative with one deft answer. The Left reacted about as well as you would expect:

I think it’s safe to say that Ronny Jackson has officially become the most hated doctor in America.

What struck me as hilarious was the sheer amount of Leftists that suddenly decided that they knew better than a trained, veteran doctor. They thought they knew better just because they had consulted Wikipedia and WebMD. The Left was quick to declare the man who Obama hired as his doctor a bought and paid for Trumpet fraud.

ronny jackson
Pictured: Dr. Jackson colluding with a foreign national to fake President Trump’s medical exam in a few years…

This entire sordid episode just illustrates how completely unhinged the Left has become. The party that is supposedly all about science and rational thought is decidedly irrational. Especially when presented with evidence that contradicts their worldview.

Literally every attempt to discredit Trump and remove him from office has failed. Russian collusion didn’t work. Obstruction of justice didn’t work. Racism didn’t work. The 25th Amendment ship has sailed. What new insanity will the Left try next?

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