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Psycho Joe Scarborough Is Triggered By Trump’s Health

Like many in the Mainstream Media Psycho Joe Scarborough desperately wanted Dr. Ronny Jackson to tell him that Trump was insane. When that didn’t happen Psycho Joe decided to resort to ridiculing the good doctor on Morning Joe Thursday.

Take a look at poor, unhinged Joe Scarborough:

The narrative that Trump is a brain dead moron has been thoroughly debunked by Dr. Jackson. Cold, hard reality has smacked the Democrats in the face so hard Ted Kennedy felt it. They’re starting to realize that Trump is never going to be removed via the 25th Amendment.

The thought of suffering through at least three, most likely seven more years of the Trumpocalypse is too much for the Left to bear. What do they do? They lash out. They ridicule. They come up with even more outlandish conspiracies like Girtherism.

It’s both tragically ludicrous, and ludicrously tragic.

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