Report: President Trump to #ReleasetheMemo

Congress scheduled to vote Wednesday, January 31st

Trump release the memo

For the latest update on the situation:

The House Intelligence Committee is moving up the date to vote on releasing the memo to Monday, January 29th at 5 PM.

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The Washington Post reports that President Trump is now in favor of releasing the four page memo that nearly every single House Republican has now seen. The #releasethememo hashtag reached worldwide notoriety hours after news of the memo had surfaced.

House Republicans are holding a meeting Wednesday to vote on a measure that would send the document to the President’s desk for release to the general public. Should this report be correct, January 31st will be the day the entire world sees what is in this “shocking” memo that House Republicans have been shouting about for the past week.

Democrats have started on their own memo reportedly and will be releasing that to the public as soon as they can muster enough information.

According to the report, Trump overruled Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice recommendations that it review the memo before it is released to the general public.

If the White House releases the document, the Justice Department stated that it would be “extraordinarily reckless” not to allow the Department of Justice review a document… where the Department of Justice was accused of corruption.

The Washington Post states that Chief of Staff John Kelly and Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke twice on Wednesday where Trump’s wishes were repeated to the Attorney General.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes had compiled the memo, believed to be illustrating the corrupt practices by the FBI and the Department of Justice at large. Many believe that this memo may show in detail how the FBI and other agencies were conducting their investigations into candidate Donald Trump during and after the 2016 elections.

In recent months, new facts have been added to the case, showcasing extremely questionable sourcing for the basis of obtaining FISA court warrants and abuse of the section 702 “About” queries to look into Donald Trump’s communications.

Democrats have stated many reasons to withhold the release of the document, namely that the release of the document would damage national security, smear the FBI, and that the American public would not understand the complexities of government processes (that lead to witch hunts driven entirely by an overly powerful minority party using its agents in the bureaucracy to cover up its own corruption).

They have also pointed out that the document uses information that is classified.

The Democrats themselves have not been above leaking information to the general public when it suits them. Dianne Feinstein leaked committee hearing transcripts to the general public only a few weeks ago. Adam Schiff, a high ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, is also believed to be a leaker of information to those outside of the committee.

Trump believes that in releasing the memo, it “will shed light, it will help the investigators come to a conclusion.”


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