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Nancy Pelosi Has a Bizarre Reason for Not Wanting the Memo Released

The memo has been released, but Nancy Pelosi tried her hardest to stop it

Nancy Pelosi went with a different tack in the last few days than her fellow congressman Adam Schiff tried. Schiff tried to say that Americans were too ignorant to understand the complexity of the situation behind the confidential memo compiled for House Republicans.

Nancy Pelosi said we should not release the memo because it is not tax reform. Her persuasive argument fell on deaf ears as House Republicans voted to release the memo yesterday and President Trump is expected to allow its release within the next five days.



Here she is in 2010 stating that she would much rather be in her position than the Republicans because they will not win more than she did back in 2006. Of course the Republicans won nearly double her seats later that year, but who’s counting?

More of Pelosi with her word salad, gibberish and slurred statements.

Here she is saying the Tax bill is armageddon, but then corrects herself later to say “not really.”

The greatest awkward moments of the bizarre public face of Nancy Pelosi:

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