Missing It By That Much

Here is the thing, guys. I have always been aware of this, but on Thursday night I got smacked over the head with the truth of it: As a minor-league pundit, I am green as grass.

Here is another thing, guys. Steve Bannon bothers me. He bothers me enormously, and he always has to some degree. Oh, I get his anti-establishment bonafides. I appreciate those-I really truly do. I get that he did battle with any number of swamp creatures surrounding our beleaguered President, and if I had to choose between the most experienced politican and almost any new  kid on the block Bannon put his money behind, I can hardly envision a scenario where I would go with the old hand.

I can say that to you all, but the truth is also that-despite what I just said-Bannon has an entitlement complex, is an unpredictable S.O.B.,and just can’t stop making himself the story. I have never fully trusted him, and no, frankly, I don’t think he always had Trump’s best interests at heart.

HOWEVER-and its a BIG HOWEVER-I also know that Michael Wolfe is a lying sack of excrement. I knew it before I did this appearance, but I did not know about the growing piles of outright lies and fierce criticism Wolfe has received from other sacks of excrement such as Maggie Haberman.

Why am I saying all of this? Because when I watched the replay of my segment yesterday, I was hit with the sad realization that I had an opportunity to point out Wolfe’s epic past journalistic malpractice and I failed to do so. If I could re-do my answer to that first ( leading) question I was asked, I would not change my overall assessment of Bannon’s character and possible motivations, because I believe those things to still be true. I know this might be an unpopular opinion around here-ibut I do believe Bannon shot his mouth off to pretty much anyone who would listen-including Wolfe. EXACTLY what Bannon told Wolfe, however, will never be known, because Wolfe’s telling of events is at the very least-re-crafted into the tale Wolfe wants to tell.

To let myself off the hook just a little, I did mention Wolfe’s piss poor journalism in the article Q&A that follows the video. If you scroll past the piece, you will see this. But its like Playboy-who reads the articles?

Anyway-here’s my segment-because some of you like to see a fellow Spartan in a different context. And yes, I know I am totally doxxed-so doxed you need a new name for doxxed. If the host called me by my full name once he did it fifty times. Also, the host booked me as a Republican and when I tried to talk him into calling me by my new Nationalist Conservative identity, he wouldn’t play ball. Ah well.


Your Edith


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