Exclusive First Look At Maxine Waters’ State Of The Union Response

The Sparta Report has obtained an exclusive first look at Maxine Waters’ State of the Union Response.

President Donald J. Trump is set to give his first State of the Union address to Congress tonight. Numerous Democrat responses to the State of the Union have been planned, with Rep. Joe Kennedy slated to give the Democrat party’s official response.

Maxine Waters, D-People’s Republic of Kalifornia and the Scream Queen herself is also planning on giving her own response to Trump’s speech tonight. The Sparta Report has managed to obtain an exclusive first look at the content of Rep. Waters’ response:

I have to say Maxine Waters makes a compelling argument. You can really tell that she’s examined all of the evidence, and come up with an airtight case against President Trump and the Republicans. How can the GOP possibly stand against this kind of crushing rhetoric?

It looks like Trump’s days are numbered. I think that Blue Tsunami just might be coming…

maxine waters state of the union nazis
They’re gonna git ya!


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