Macron Admits That if a Vote Were Held, France Would Leave the EU

Emmanuel Macron came out and admitted to a BBC interviewer that if a vote were held, the French would almost certainly vote to exit the EU:

French president Emmanuel Macron shocked Andrew Marr during their interview when he admitted that had France held a referendum on membership of the EU after Brexit, the French people would vote to leave.

Emmanuel Macron has sent shockwaves throughout Europe after he conceded that French voters would quit the EU if France held an in/out referendum on the Brussels-led bloc.

No other European Union country has risked putting membership of the bloc to a public vote since Britain surprised member-states by voting to leave the bloc in 2016,


Macron admitted that he would lose a French referendum on EU membership
However, speaking to Andrew Marr on the BBC, Mr Macron admitted that he would lose a French referendum on EU membership.

“But, my interpretation is that a lot of the losers of globalisation suddenly decided it was no more for them.”

This really should surprise no one. The EU has become more and more politically unpopular among its constituent states with only the elites really supportive of it anymore. We’ve seen this in ongoing nationalist backlashes which have been happening in the region since the Brexit vote of 2016, and really even before that with the disputed Austrian presidential election.

The EU has failed at two of its big jobs, including maintaining prosperity and security for its people. The EU has never really recovered, in my opinion, from the 2008 crisis and growth remains anemic. The EU leadership is well aware of this and is seeking to import tens of millions of Muslims and use their votes to keep the current governing elite in power.

To no one’s surprise, this has not worked out very well for the European Union. In their efforts to protect Eurosocialism and become immune to voter backlash, they have unleashed a massive wave of crime and violence against the people, who are voting for populists in greater numbers than ever.

It would be exceedingly easy for the European Union to resolve this issue, first by de-socializing their economies, and second by deporting the huge numbers of criminal illegal aliens in their countries. However, the leaders of the EU are clearly willing to do almost anything to protect their precious socialism.

As with the US, the leadership is essentially acting as a religious cult, and would rather wreck their own countries and impoverish their own people than actually resolve problems. That is why they must go, and why the populists are going to keep winning elections in greater and greater numbers as time goes on.


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