[LIVE] Sarah Huckabee Sanders 1-3-2018 Press Conference – Trump Bannon Statement

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be holding a press conference at 3 PM EST today. It is expected she will be taking a lot of questions regarding that explosive statement President Trump sent out earlier today in response to an article from the Guardian misquoting Steve Bannon.

It truly seems that the relationship between the current White House administration and Steve Bannon’s network has been fully cleaved.

The original statement as shown on Twitter:

Steve Bannon Trump Statement

My response to the statement (NWC):

Trump is completely wrong here. I hate this revisionist history propaganda that Trump is trying to push. Of course, the establishment is more than happy to help because it could stop Bannon from defeating them elsewhere.

My biggest issue with this statement was his claim that Alabama’s election was entirely the fault of Steve Bannon. The administration and the Senate leadership are entirely responsible for this disaster of a race in Alabama.

I personally did not want Strange to win, I didn’t like Brooks because of his past statements regarding President Trump during the Republican Primary, and Moore was firebrand social conservative who had won statewide office twice before. I would have been fine with either Brooks or Moore or Strange winning the primary as every single one of them would have voted with Trump’s agenda 100%.

During the primary, Mo Brooks had a million dollars at his disposal to spend along with his other competitor Luther Strange. Roy Moore had a little under 250,000 dollars.

Instead of letting the two of them duke it out, Trump stuck his nose into the election and endorsed Luther Strange.

Had Trump not endorsed Strange, would the runoff have been between Moore and Brooks? We’ll never know and Trump now has not only one black eye, after Strange lost the primary, but two because of the loss of the seat to the Democrats in Alabama.

Secondly, Mitch McConnell spent 8 million dollars nuking Mo Brooks. He made Mo Brooks toxic to the party base and shortly before the primary deadline, he started slamming Roy Moore.

Then Mitch McConnell spent 30 million dollars to try and take out Roy Moore. Mitch McConnell’s misuse of the Senate PAC to retain currently elected Senators in their primary elections also led to Roy Moore being selected by the voters.

Then, after Moore won the Republican primary, the allegations hit where they left Moore dangling in the wind for a month, with McConnell and his friends attacking him nonstop.

Then, predictably, most Republican voters stayed home and Moore was barely defeated. And somehow this was all Steve Bannon’s fault because he was somehow more powerful than the President of the United States and the entire Senate or something.



Here is the press conference:

?LIVE : Sarah Huckabee Sanders White House Press Briefing 1/3/2018

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018: Watch live as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds a press briefing live from the White House inside the James S. Brady Press Briefing room. Watch the live stream and replay of the event here.

UPDATE- Press Conference is Over

The Press Secretary reiterated Trump will be sticking to his requirements for any DACA legislation, adding that interior enforcement will need to also be a priority in the bill. She stated that the final legislation will need to end chain migration, include a wall on the southern border, and also include an end to the visa lottery system.

She also told the press that the tweets about North Korea have reopened a dialogue between North and South Korea. The press was attempting to tie them to Trump losing his mental capacity to govern.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.

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