Liberals Scream When Trump Calls Out The Deep State

If you thought The Donald was going to give liberals a break in 2018 you were dead wrong. Trump started 2018 off with a bang by firing off a tweet storm on Tuesday. One of those tweets dared to call out the Deep State for exactly what it was. Specifically he referenced the fact that Hillary aide Huma Abedin was caught red-handed mishandling classified information.

The Deep State loving liberals, of course, were completely and utterly triggered by Trump’s audacity.

Let’s watch.

Was Trump right in calling out Deep State shenanigans and hypocrisy? That depends on whether or not you think the rule of law applies to everyone regardless of who they are. Are you fine with a justice system for the masses and one for the elites? Or do you agree with Hillary Clinton when she said no one is too big to jail?

Buckle up and grab the popcorn, ladies and gents. We’re two days into 2018 and already the liberals are foaming at the mouth.


Written by Radius

Radius refuses to post a bio. Website bios simply serve to prop up the cis-gendered patriarchy of the manocentric maleocracy. Also we must #Resist Trump because racism I guess.

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