In the Land of Liberal Morons, Critical Thinking Determines Who is King

Welcome 2018! I am in an optimistic frame of mind for what this year will bring … but nevertheless my optimism is founded in the belief that it is time to give up my soft, cuddly nature and get medieval with the Liberals infecting this country. This is going to be expressed in some fairly brutal observations because, frankly, I’m sick to death of their stupidity. Life is hard no matter who you are – but if you don’t have critical thinking skills, I guarantee you it is much tougher. In the land of liberal morons, critical thinking determines who is “king”.

Let’s take two problems the mainstream media has relentlessly harped upon in 2017.

We have two problems according to the “experts”:

1) Illegals are filling millions of low skill jobs in the economy & if we deport them all, we’ll crash the economy with them absent from the workforce.

2) We are at the Dawn of the Robotic Era & we’ll soon have millions of robots performing low skill jobs thereby throwing millions of workers into unemployment.

Anyone who doesn’t see the Critical Thinking solution to these problems, you’re a liberal.


1) Many come because they can send money “home”. Great. Tax it. If they don’t have jobs, many will self deport.

2) We’re told robots will do “high skilled work’. You mean like “experts”?

Seems like more low skill work based on results.


1) “They will stay & collect welfare!” – Excellent driver for welfare reform & reinstituting work/training/volunteer requirements Obama waived by EO.

2) “Progress cannot be stopped!” – Maybe … but stupidity can be & suicidal trends must be stopped.

Next topic: The NFL Riots

P.S. No, I don’t think I am king. The “king” refers to an idea liberals adore while not realizing it spells out their doom. It’s known as Survival of the Fittest.


Written by PolAgnostic

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