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Here We Go: Democrats and Schumer have Shut Down the Government

There is no deal, Mitch McConnell has spent the last 20 minutes attacking the Democrats. He was visibly angry while excoriating the Democrats’ actions, listing many groups and people who are going to be affected by the Democrats shutting down the government.

Mitch McConnell is going to force a revote and have the Democrats on the record TWICE voting against funding the government.

Chuck Schumer took his turn and turned on his maximum sad face and tone. He reviewed his meeting with President Trump where he described what he was willing to deal on.

Schumer admitted that the Wall is on the table in a DACA bill. President Trump did not accept that deal because it was not what he laid out were his preconditions.

Schumer is blaming President Trump for the shutdown because he refused to tie a continuing resolution to amnesty of illegal aliens.

Schumer is now attacking Trump as inexperienced, as pulling everyone apart, not governing from the middle, scuttling bipartisan bills, and grinding our government to a halt.

The vote is happening now:

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